Best Ceremony Times For Summer Weddings


Nailing down the specific ceremony time for you wedding can be a headache. What are you actually supposed to consider when planning the time? Do you just choose one that looks good? What I commonly see happen is couples will plan their ceremony around a traditional "dinner time", or they'll plan it early so they can spend the rest of the night partying. While neither is necessarily wrong, if it's those gorgeous portraits you're after, you might be headed down the wrong path already!

Why? Well, as we all know "Golden Hour" is the best time to shoot those soft gorgeous portraits, right? But why? Because the lighting doesn't cause those harsh shadow and it's not as blinding to look towards the direction of the sun! So then why are ceremonies being planned for 3pm in the summer when the light is going to be right on your face? 

With the extended amount of sunlight we have in the summer, I would recommend you take advantage of that and schedule your ceremony as close to sunset as you can get without interfering with other important photographed events (portraits, cake cutting, speeches, etc). And to make this easier on YOU, I've created an exact list of what times these would be for the summer months here in Oregon! You can check those out below. 

What you'll see is that these ceremony times are about two-and-a-half hours from sunset. Although you'll have less sunlight after the ceremony, you will have likely missed the opportunity to be blinded while giving your vows! I think that's not a bad compromise. 

June Sunset 8:45-9pm: //  Ceremony Times 6:15pm - 6:30pm
July Sunset 9-8:30pm: //  Ceremony Times 6:30pm - 6:00pm
August Sunset 8:30-7:45pm: //  Ceremony Times 6:00pm - 5:15pm
September Sunset 7:45-6:45pm: //  Ceremony Times 5:15pm - 4:15pm
October Sunset 6:45-6pm: //  Ceremony Times 4:15pm - 3:30pm

And as a final note on choosing these ceremony times, ultimately where you are standing will make the biggest difference. If you're indoors, you probably won't have to worry about these specific times. If you're in an open field, it's incredibly important to take notes here! If at any point you are able to find shade, no matter how close or far you are from the sunset, it will benefit your images overall. That said, if the shade is spotty, or if your guests are only half covered, these times again will come in handy.  

Four Things To Know About Rehearsal Dinners

Four Things To Know About Rehearsal Dinners

Possibly one of the more confusing pieces of wedding planning isn't really for the wedding day, but actually the day before. Rehearsal Dinners are meant to be relaxing, fun, and casual, but there's not much information on the whats and whys of the actual event. So to clarify, I've written a list of commonly asked questions regarding the rehearsal so you can take the pressure off and focus on planning a night to enjoy pre-wedding.  

Album Care 101

Album Care 101

When you get your album in the mail, the first thing you're going to want to do is tear open the packaging and flip through the pages while holding back your tears. While this is an appropriate reaction, I have a few tips to help you keep your album fresh so it can last generations.

Five Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon


Okay sure, you're wedding is still seven months away and you haven't even had the time to give much thought to the idea of your honeymoon. But I'm here to tell you that it's never too early to start planning! And that goes for every detail of your wedding. Trust me, the sooner you finish up your honeymoon plans, the more time you have to get excited for it! To make it a little easier, I have five tips that will jump start your planning process so you can have more time to relax.

One: Book Early

Now considering what I just said above, this one might be a given. Especially if you're getting married between the typical "wedding season" (March-Sept). The further you start booking your flights, hotels, and rental cards, not only will it be cheaper, but there will be more options for you to choose from!

Two: Work With A Travel Agent

Often times, they have the inside scoop on where the best deals are. Not to mention they know where the best restaurants are, the best beaches to visit, and what activities are a must during your visit. They, like a wedding planner, will take off a lot of the planning stress that you don't have the time to deal with. Remember, it is supposed to be a vacation after all!

Three: Add Travel To Your Registry

Have plenty of bowls and spoons? Ask your guests to contribute to your honeymoon on your registry instead! Consider hosting your registry on a site like Wanderable or Honeyfund to make it easier to send more cash you way!

Four: Fly From A Smaller Airport

I have my best friend "Hopper" to thank for this tip! Seriously, it's the greatest app, go download it. Instead of flying from your closer, larger airport, consider flying from a smaller hub a few miles outside of your city! You could save a significant amount of money just by flying through a smaller port, and the lines will be a lot more manigable! 

Five: Go All Inclusive

Sites like Groupon and TravelZoo are still successful for a reason: the all inclusive trips. Most cases there is an itinerary to follow, but if you're a go with the flow (and save a bit of $) kinda gal. This is your best bet! I'm also willing to bet you even know someone who has done this before, and loved it. I say it's worth looking into! 


Business Highlight: Wedding Pro Coaching

Business Highlight: Wedding Pro Coaching

Lane’ is the reason Women should be in charge of all things business, because not only is she a brilliant business owner, she is creative and daring beyond compare.

When asked to shoot a second lifestyle branding shoot for her business, Wedding Pro Coaching, I wanted to jump up and down shouting yes yes yes! But I know how to compose myself so I just responded “sure let’s do it!” ;)

A Valentines Plan For You

A Valentines Plan For You

Finding something unique to do for Valentine's Day is a struggle for most of us. You either want to do something big, or you want to do something small. Either way, you just want it to be special! This year, take the simple approach and share your love in tiny, but big ways. Chocolates and roses are great, but try one of these cute Valentine's plans if you want to surprise your partner, sister, or best friend in an unexpected way.

Location Highlight: Frog Lake

At the end of January I made a trip back to Portland for a few photoshoots. One of those was for Keith and Jenny’s engagement shoot! Somewhere in the list of potential locations was the suggestion to shoot in the snow. It’s been a while since I had a full session in the snow, but I was SO excited when we put it on the schedule. I’ll be honest, I don’t travel to Mt. Hood enough, so I had no clue where to suggest our session would take place other than Timberline or Trillium Lake. Since we had already shot at Trillium Lake for their proposal, and since Keith and Jenny knew the locations WAY better than I did, I let them take the reins on this one. And so we ended up at Frog Lake!

I can only imagine it’s just as gorgeous in the spring time with the wildflowers and beautiful reflection of Mt. Hood in the water, but even with a heavy blanket of snow (and no reflection), I was stunned. These are some of my favorite location shots I was able to capture. Next time it snows, I expect another shoot here from one of you. Seriously, it was magical!