Create a Six Week Wedding Checklist

Six weeks before my client's wedding, I make it a priority to send them an email to review and finalize all of our plans. At the four week mark, many brides are often overwhelmed by finishing tasks, and find themselves frantically asking for help. I've found that the Six week checkpoint is the perfect time to write all finishing tasks, so that when you reach that one-month-until mark, you've completed the majority of your projects and will get to enjoy the last two weeks without having to worry about last minute details.

Every couple is different, and those with more help will often be able to wrap up the planning process with ease by that six week point. However, if you've found yourself behind, it's time you sit down and write a complete list of tasks you need to complete before the wedding. Here are some of my favorites:

Definitely Don't Forget:

  1. Have Final Dress Fitting
  2. Create Seating Chart
  3. Get Final Head Count for Caterer
  4. Organize Rehearsal Dinner 
  5. Obtain Marriage License

Tying Up Loose Ends:

  1. Purchase & Package Gifts
  2. Break in Shoes
  3. Create Honeymoon Plan
  4. Write Your Vows
  5. Connect With Your Vendors

Personal Checklist:

  1. Drink More Water
  2. Go On More Dates
  3. Clean Your House
  4. Create Pre-Wedding Playlist
  5. Get a Massage

After you've written your list, create a due date for them. Try and finish one to two tasks a day to ensure you have the freedom to relax come wedding week! If you ever have any questions on what you actually need to complete, check in with your vendors, or even those friends and family members who have been married before.

Happy Planning!