Yes, And.


Getting to spend my “winter” in Los Angeles has been such a blast. I mean, I can’t tell you enough how wonderful it’s been to have the sun non stop! Honestly it's kind of freaking my brain out. The calendar says Winter, but the weather says Spring! I mean, it might as well be! Spring and the New Year are similar in a way. You begin each with a sense of growth and positive change. I hope that with the encouragement of the weather, I can carry this intention into the real Spring season!

A couple of days ago I asked you to write out your New Years goals. I hope you were able to create a well rounded list! One of my goals was to take classes with Second City, the masters of Improv and Comedy here in LA (created in Chicago). I am proud to say that I will begin my first term with them on Tuesday! When I first decided to spend my winter in LA, in the back of my mind I had envisioned taking some sort of acting or improv class. It only made sense! My decision to enroll with Second City entirely had to do with wanting to continue my education in the field of improv. I could go on and on and on about the huge benefits learning this art form is for EVERYONE, not just actors, but I’ll just leave a highlight.

The first rule of improv is “yes, and”, which is also the most important rule. Basically when you’re in a scene and someone presents you with an idea, you say “yes” then add something to it. For example, if I were in a scene and someone said to me “you have only one leg!”, instead of negating what they told me, I would agree and heighten the scene by adding to what they said, such as explaining that I’m a pirate or say something like “the advantage is I always win a three legged race”. If I were to say “no I have two legs”, then the scene wouldn’t go anywhere and we’ve creating a boring scenario that would be uninteresting to both the audience and the teammates.

The takeaway here is that in every day life we can be yes and-ing our co-workers, partners, and friends. It might be tough given the circumstances, but the more we are willing to agree and ADD to the situation, the better off everyone is at the end of the day.

All that said, joining Second City was my attempt at yes and-ing my creative heart. For the next eight weeks, I will be making their studio my home. Who better to practice my skill with than the masters?

Have you made your goal list yet? Yes, and your dreams. What are you waiting for?