Why Does It Take So Long To Get My Photos Back?


Why does it take so long to receive your photos back from a photographer? Yeah, I know you've asked that one before! Although it depends on every photographer, it's usually because it just takes a lot of time! We have to go through all the hundreds of duplicates and bad photos, straighten out the good ones, edit them, resize them, upload them, and email them, and that's only the process for digital shooters! In addition to actually editing the photos, photographers are still running a business. We spend office hours emailing, writing blogs, doing taxes, holding consultations, shooting, meeting with other businesses, and working on editing other shoots at the same time. 

One of my favorite quotes to this day, is from Toy Story 2: You can't rush art. Editing photos takes time, and if rushed, could result in a lower quality image. Trust your photographer as an artist, and remember to respect the estimated time they gave you. They are working as hard as they can to get your images back as soon as possible, especially during a busy season!