What's The Deal With Minis?

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I think I’ve done it. I think the jetlag is finally gone!

Greetings on this gorgeously rainy Sunday morning! How has your weekend been? I hope pleasant, cozy, and full of laughter. Since I’ve been spending insane amounts of time with my sweet animals, I know I can say yes to all of the above! We are a week through our scheduled time with mini sessions and I wanted to share a little reflection I had the other day.

Mini Sessions only come about once a year for me, and every year I am so grateful to book more than anticipated. These sessions are only about 20-30 minutes and take place somewhere locally with some gorgeous naturey background. Such as Sauvies Island! The bookings come from all places. Businesses in need of headshots, families wanting photos for their cards, couples who want to pose with their dogs, expecting moms, and so on. 

What I’ve discovered is that these sessions are the one time of year I get to be the help everyone needs. It’s the time of year I get to experience what being a superhero is like! There is no rule to this service. I don’t only serve brides with bright and airy weddings. I don’t just serve couples looking for adventure. I get to work with people and capture their happiness! Not to mention on a short time frame.

Actually, the short session time is quite helpful in this situation! It was brought up a few times last year that because it moved so quickly, there’s NO time to allow for thinking about what’s really happening. Perfect for the camera shy! 

What I’ve realized is that, no matter what my clients are searching for, this time of year I get to be their resource. I get to change their day for the better with 20 minutes of their time. I get to share an experience with them, and capture every great moment of that on camera. I definitely think that’s a mutually beneficial business. 

I encourage you to seek the purpose behind your work if you have a moment. Are you the superhero the city needs? Or even just one person? Remember that what we do has purpose and is meaningful to this we serve. Even if you only see them for 20 minutes. 

And if you’re in the need for one with a camera, I know a gal ;)