What You Should Know About Flower Costs, Part Two


This blog is a continuation of Tuesday's blog! Don't miss the details. Read it here!

What is the most valuable reason to hire a professional florist? 

Simply put: The importance of your wedding day. This is a REALLY special day. Potentially and hopefully once-in-a-lifetime! There is not time or room for errors that a friend does not even realize can happen when they offer to do your flowers.

Not simply put:  Generally I've seen the panic set in when the flowers arrive and the designing begins. It is realized that what your friend is making does not look like any of the photos you've seen on Pinterest and no one can figure out why. Your Great Aunt steps in. She worked at a flower shop 20 years ago in Wichita, KS. She goes to Michaels and buys overpriced supplies she thinks will be helpful. She forgets boutonniere tape needs to be stretched to be sticky and the bouts won't stay together. She makes the bouquets with rubber bands scotch tape and you don't have the heart to tell her that they don't look right because you've already passed on your friend's designs. She puts everything in the refrigerator to keep it fresh without realizing that the fruit gives off Ethylene gas, hazardous to flowers. The day of your wedding you open the refrigerator and all the bouquets are dead. The votives you bought were actually the glass votive containers only and no one realizes this until they are opened during set up. Your best friend has to run to the grocery story to get whatever flowers are available and hope that whoever happens to be there has ever made a bouquet, let alone have the time. 

Enjoy this special day and let your friends and family enjoy it with you while professionals do the work. This 100% goes for hiring a Wedding Planner as well. 

Do style and budget go hand in hand?

Yes. Just, yes. Resources like Pinterest and Instagram have opened up a world of ideas for clients. Unfortunately there is not a price tag attached to any of these amazing images to better inform our clients of what to expect. 

How long will the flowers last past the wedding day?

Wedding florists want to use the flowers at the peak of their beauty, which is right before they die. There is no guarantee they will last at all past the wedding day, but you can always try! Keep them in a cool space and give them fresh water. 

What is a flower more brides should be using in her bouquet?

Sweet Peas, when in season, are definitely a favorite of mine for bridal bouquets. Love the texture and depth they can bring, not the mention they come in a lot of beautiful shades. 

What is one floral design or installation you think more brides should include in her wedding?

I LOVE reception installations because this is where spend the majority of the evening and installations can play such a big part in transforming the space. Once the client has chosen their venue, great things can come of asking the florist for original ideas and letting some beautiful, unique designs develop. Florists are presented with photos from Pinterest and Instagram all the time that a client wants replicated. These can be used as great inspiration, but wouldn't it be fantastic if your wedding design and experience was unique to you and your partner?