What You Need For Your Wedding Styling Kit


Have you ever wondered how the top dog photographers and wedding stylists have such gorgeous invitation and bridal detail images? How do they make every wedding look so classy and expensive? Well, let me be real with you. It's very unlikely the brides are giving photographers ribbon and vintage stamps to take photos of. These high end photographers and stylists have spent time and money sourcing their very own specialized collection of materials used specifically to style the bride's more important and memorable materials.

Now, if I let you run with only that much information, I might find you at Michaels collecting some ribbon and wooden boxes for your next wedding. But I'm not going to leave you there. In fact, I want to encourage you to take this slow. The reason why your favorite photographers have such gorgeous invite photos, is because they've spent time and good money making sure they are bringing the best materials on the market to the wedding. An expensive ring in a cheap ring box will look...cheap. And we don't want to be in that category! 

So where do you start? I'm glad you asked! I have your back on this one. From the ribbons, to the styling board, I created an exact shopping list of where to start your styling kit collection. I even have information on where to buy, what to buy, what to make, what to borrow, and what to skip, just so you have ALL of the information you need to get it done right the first time.

And speaking of taking it slow, don't feel pressured to start bringing these items straight to your next wedding! If you do there, odds are you'll arrive frustrated because at first, it's not looking anything like you had hoped! So, take this blog as permission to spend the rest of the fall and winter learning how to properly style and use your items to tell a couple's story! 

Are you ready to get started? I hope so! To grab the shopping list and styling kit guide, fill out the form below! It will be emailed to you later today, so you can get to shopping asap. After everything arrives safely in your home, start experimenting! I have some tips and ideas on what materials to combine to swtich up your boards so each layflat is as different and beautiful as the next? Get ready. Get set. GO!