What To Know About Renting For Your Wedding This Summer


Last year I got to sit down with owner and founder of Something Borrowed, the award winning rental company here in Portland, and learned so much about the rental process and what goes into planning the look of the wedding day! Lané answered my burning questions when it comes to wedding rentals and gave some insight into what the process is like on their end! Checkout the recap of our video chat below!

What are the trendiest pieces looking like for 2018?

Copper, as opposed to gold, and mixing metals. Blush is continuing to be a popular choice in color, and the combination of the copper metals, such as in flatware, with the soft blush works really well. Macrame as a choice for backdrop is steady in popularity.

What are the most popular pieces?

One of a kind upholstery is the number one, as well as the unique selection of flatware and vases. Couples are in the habit of mixing vintage pieces with clean and modern pieces to elevate a cozy aesthetic. 

What does the booking process look like?

It starts with a viewing session and consultation so the couples can see, touch, and interact with the pieces. Next is a review of the venue, colors, and theme to get started on the design work. After the order is placed, there is consistent communication to help with any modifications, as well as delivery or pickup of the items.

How far in advance should couples contact an rental company?

At nine months, otherwise selection becomes too limited limited. Reserve your favorite pieces as soon as possible, since so many items on the inventory are one of a kind. Some couples will reserve as far out at 18 months in advance.

You can check out Lané's company, Something Borrowed, on instagram @something_borrowed_pdx and on their website at www.somethingborrowedpdx.com