What To Ask At a Venue Tour


Alright so you’ve decided on your dream venue! Congratulations! I’m assuming at this point the venue still has your date available and you’re now ready to schedule a tour. Wondering what to ask besides the basics? I have 12 questions below for you to cover your bases. There will be nothing worse than thinking you have found your dream venue, and end up having a bad experience because you didn’t know there was an enforced volume limit for your DJ (which has happened)! Instead, make sure your dream venue becomes a dream come true by asking some of the harder questions up front. I’m keeping this post short and sweet so you can screenshot this post and be on your way. Here are the questions to ask:

  1. Closest accommodations (if not provided) and if there is a discount

  2. Is there transportation provided from accommodations for guests?

  3. Best spots for photos (anything not obvious)

  4. What is the backup for rain?

  5. What are the catering options (if any)?

  6. What is required by venue but not provided (insurance, tents, catering, etc)

  7. Restrictions? Music volume, placement of furniture, flowers, etc.

  8. Is there wifi provided? If so, is it for bridal party only or all guests?

  9. Is there a move out time for the bridal suite or is it available all day?

  10. Is the venue open to public at any point during the wedding day?

  11. Restroom counts/locations

  12. Do they provide any furniture, utensils, or signage?