What it's Really Like to Work With My Partner

I have been working with my Partner, Jem, since the creation of my business in 2014. From the start, he was just my "intern". He would carry bags, care for the equipment, and pretty much follow me around until I gave him something to do. Although I had secretly known I would hire him to be my second photographer, he was under the assumption that this would be the state of his work. I guess he was in for a wild adventure. 

Jem is my coworker, therapist, and secret weapon. I can tell the stories, but he can bring the details. What an incredible dynamic this gives us! On a wedding day, there is no one I would trust more than him. He knows the shots I like, the shots our clients like, and most importantly, how to interact with the guests. 

Although this business is my own, we are always complimented as a team. As it should be! It sounds intimidating, working with a spouse or partner, but there is no other way I would want to work. Why? Because when two people understand each other on a deeper level, magic happens. There is no mind reading, and expectations are always met. When we create the story for the wedding day, we create it together. We are never in competition, and will always communicate through out the day to ensure everything is being captured to the best of our abilities. 

Working with my partner ensures that I am supported every step of the way. I know that my back is always covered, and so is his. We share one mission, and never lose sight of our purpose at the wedding. I know when I grow, he grows with me. What a freeing experience it can be!