What is the Photographer's Favorite Part of a Wedding?

Wedding Photographers are privileged to get to know a couple and their wedding on a deeper and more intimate level than most vendors. We spend a lot of time in communication over phone and email, schedule frequent consultations, and create timelines together for a more perfect wedding day. It's for mostly this reason, we are often asked "What is YOUR favorite part of a Wedding Day?" We see a lot, and experience a lot of different weddings, so couples are often curious to hear about our experiences and the things we love most!

I reached out to a few photographers and asked them this same question, and was surprised in the variety! It's also easy to see that we all very much love what we do. Although my favorite moments are while the couple is getting ready, one photographer said her favorite part was during the first part of the ceremony, and another photographer said couple's portraits gave her all the heart eyes!

When you schedule a consultation with your dream photographer, ask them what they love about weddings! It's so important to get to know what is meaningful to your potential photographer, especially if you learn you share the same sentiments. Who knows, maybe they will share something new with you about a wedding you haven't considered yet! Because your Wedding Photographer is practically an additional member of your wedding party, it's great to get to know them, and they get to know you, as much as possible so your images translate on a more personal level!