What Guests Should Wear to a Wedding

what guests should wear to a wedding 2018

With wedding season upon us, you might be scouring the internet seeking the PERFECT outfit to wear to your best friend or family member's wedding. Having been there myself, trying to decide what would be the most fitting to the wedding location without overdressing or showing up TOO casual can be a cause of unnecessary stress.

There are a few categories you could file a wedding under based on formality: casual, semi-formal, beach formal, black tie optional, black tie, and white tie. Each of these categories will provide you with a little information on what's going to be the most appropriate for the occasion You can find this information generally on the wedding website provided by the bride or groom. So let's break it down with some examples. 


Hate to break it to you, but this still doesn't mean you get to wear jeans. (Unless they're really incredible jeans 😉) . Stick with sundresses, long flowy skirts, pants with a stylish blouse, and dress pants with a button down. For makeup, keep it simple & natural!


Think "night on the town"! Cocktail dresses, skirts with simple blouses, sophisticated jumpsuits, and the suit & tie combo. For the suit & tie, go with a lighter tan or beige for daytime events, and a darker grey tone for evening.


Beach weddings are a whole different ball game! For this event, you're going to want to wear something that's comfortable and durable to the ocean breeze! A sundress and sandals are a given. And exchange the formal suit for a light an neutral suit or khaki and button up combo.

Black Tie Optional:

Although it's "optional", these black tie events are still very sophisticated. Formal cocktail dresses and dressy suits should be in dark neutral tones such as browns, greys, blacks, and blues. If you want to opt out of the tuxedo, a dark suit & tie will be a great alternative.

Black Tie:

The standard tuxedo combo is a black or navy suit, white tux shirt, black bowtie, and a white pocket square. For the ladies, choose a dark evening gown, formal cocktail dress, or the tux combo as mentioned. The Black Tux offers a great selection of these for rent. You can check their options out online or in your local showroom.

White Tie:

This is as formal as a wedding event can come! Think full length neutral tone ballgowns, glamorous makeup and jewelry, tailcoats with pleated black pants, white waistcoat & bowtie, and black leather shoes to put it all together. These weddings are the ultimate showstoppers.

If there is ever any hesitation on what kind of event your attending or the recommended attire, don't hesitate to contact the wedding planner or bride & groom as provided on their wedding website. Overall, have fun with what you wear, don't overthink it, and always choose neutral tones if ever in doubt.