RSVP + Invitations Hacks You Need To Know


What can be more time consuming than labeling, stamping, sealing, and mailing out hundreds of invitations to guests who may or may not be able to attend your wedding? I can't think of anything! But worry not, because I have all the invitation and rsvp hacks and tips you need to free up your calendar for more relaxation time (or planning time if you're the hustling type). 

1. You Need Glue!

Instead of trying to seal every envelope with a lick, a glue stick will be your new best friend. Alternatively, a foam brush dipped in water will also do the trick! Get a couple friends together to help you out, and you're done in no time!

2. The Magic Number

Ask any bride, nothing can be more frustrating than receiving than a returned RSVP without a name. You can't exactly accommodate a guest you don't know! Avoid scrambling to see which family member couldn't read directions, and label them instead! In the corner of the RSVP, write a number and coordinate it to a page in your planning notebook. For example if you receive a returned RSVP without a name, but it has the number 7 in the corner, you'll know to look up who number 7 belonged to and add them to your guest list!

3. Stamp It

If you don't already have an address label, you won't want to start sending out invites until you have one! You can either design and print off stickers, or be in touch with your creative side and order a custom stamp off of Etsy!