Two Weeks in Australia

Well friends, the scans have arrived. Shall we talk about Australia? 

Just over a month ago, I boarded my very first international trip to Australia for my first ever two week vacation in adulthood. The flight, although long, wasn’t nearly as terrible as I had anticipated, and jetlag wore off within a few days.


We started our trip in Sydney, staying in a smaller beach town called Coogee. There were a few things I noticed straight away. First, coffee here is exclusive to espresso. And second, the film to digital photography ratio in the residents was surprising. As in, we saw maybe one digital camera in our scenic two hour walk to Bondi. Although maybe I disagreed with how they did their coffee, I knew I had found my people. 

Our next destination was the gold coast, a short hour flight from Sydney! Our cab driver told us we had landed at the perfect time, because a few hours earlier all flights had been delayed due to the bad weather. 


Now, if you know anything about the gold coast, you know that it’s known for 300+ days of sun a year. Storms are few and far between. We made ourselves cozy in our Airbnb and waited for the rain to pass. Which didn’t take too long, because the next few days were absolutely gorgeous! Perfect for a visit to see Koalas and Kangaroos in the nearby Currumbin Sanctuary.


Our last leg of the trip was my personal favorite. Our designation was Melbourne. We stayed at a home about an hour outside the city, so when we went downtown, we went all out.  The whole purpose of this Australian holiday was to be present for Jem’s cousin’s wedding. Because they both work in the city, they were so kind as to show us their favorite places! 


When I first arrived, I didn’t think much of it. It seemed like just another big city. But boy was I wrong! I’m not exaggerating when I say that Melbourne is on my top five favorite cities I’ve been to. Maybe only trailing behind New York. 


All of these images were taken on my Fuji Klasse with a mix of Kodak rolls, primarily Portra 400. I decided to leave my digital behind as to be mindful of the vacation images I was taking. I recently had upgraded iPhones as well, so I left the shutter happy images to my iPhotos folder. 

If you get a chance to visit, I highly encourage you to do so. Sydney and the Gold Coast were beautiful beach destinations, but as soon as I go back you can find me wandering Melbourne’s streets again. 

I can’t wait to share photos of my next international destination. Who knows where we will go next!