Twenty Five Lessons


So this is 25. A quarter of a century. There’s a line I’m walking between wanting to know everything and do everything now, and wanting to take each day a little slower. I’m sure some of you can relate. I love having a birthday close to the new year, because it’s close enough to the Holidays to drag out the celebration, but not too close it’s forgotten.

Having already set my intentions for the new year, my birthday is a day of celebration with those intentions in mind. What I dislike about having a January birthday is usually how cold it gets without it actually snowing (I love snow). BUT, this year I get to spend it in the SUN. Oh, I’m so happy about that, I can’t even tell you.

Today in honor of 25, I wanted to write up a blog about twenty five lessons I’ve learned over my life, in no order. Maybe you’ve learned these yourself, or they are lessons you need to learn in this new year. Either way, I hope you find them insightful, or at least funny.

  1. Always take your shoes off on the beach. You’re gonna get sand in your socks anyways.

  2. Don’t overthink it. Whatever it is.

  3. Your gut is ALWAYS right.

  4. Only buy the thing that makes you happy if it REALLY makes you happy

  5. Driving keeps you sane; drive more

  6. You’re gonna buy the camera anyways, you don’t need to convince everyone in the world why that specific camera is going to change your life

  7. Coffee tastes way better without cream or sugar. But only good coffee. Just buy good coffee.

  8. Your quality of life is better when you have a pet to share your day with.

  9. Writing is in your blood. Don’t let other people tell you otherwise. Just keep writing.

  10. Yes, sweets and carbs are great, but eating good broccoli makes you just as happy.

  11. When you want to do something scary, do it and don’t back out. You’ll regret it more than actually doing the scary thing.

  12. Listening to other perspectives doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, but it will provide you with more insight into the world, and that will make you better.

  13. Listen to all the advice you received from Tyra Banks at a young age: it’s good to cry, your body is perfect, love all people, and shmize.

  14. You’re not the only kid who didn’t grow up listening to The Beatles; it’s okay.

  15. Keep liking weird foods that people dislike. There’s more for you that way.

  16. Stick to dresses, skirts are the worst.

  17. You can pretend you didn’t have a twilight phase, but you did.

  18. Snail mail is awesome to receive; send it out more.

  19. You can roll your eyes but the more you work out, the more you like it.

  20. Go to New York as often as you can. Words can’t describe how it makes you feel.

  21. Drink you water. Just do it.

  22. If you don’t make plans to leave the house, you never will. Make more plans to leave the house.

  23. You expect people to be more understanding, so you have to lead by example.

  24. You work best on deadlines. Set them and keep them.

  25. When life gets hard, read Harry Potter.