Twenty Date Ideas Under $50

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We’ve all been there. You’re both sitting on the couch, scrolling on your phones. Either having fomo of all the things your friends are doing, or frantically searching Facebook for local events. You WANT to go do something, but you’re not sure what. Going on a fancy date every week isn’t sustainable. And sometimes you don’t even want to leave the house! Yet, staying on the couch scrolling through your feed is the last thing you want to do with your night.

Today I decided to give you not just 20 ideas for things to do when those days hit, but I also broke it down in different budgets. These four categories can help you get off the couch, shut off your phone, and do something a little more exciting for your next impromptu date night!


  1. Cook a big dinner and watch a few episodes of a classic tv show (like Friends or The Office)

  2. Take a walk/jog around the park

  3. Pull out a board game and see who wins the most rounds

  4. Gather all the items you don’t use and sell them (We frequent Powell’s and Crossroads)

  5. Take buzzfeed / personality quizzes and compare your results

$25 and Under

  1. Homemade Pizza + Bad Movies (My go to is Shailene Woodley movies and a Margherita)

  2. Reading in a coffee shop

  3. Go to Target with $10 each and buy each other something funny/special/they need

  4. Play at the nickel/quarter arcade

  5. Roller/Ice Skating

$35 and Under

  1. Buy a new board game and make cookies

  2. Find a local trivia night (try Geeks who Drink)

  3. See a comedy show

  4. Drive out of town for the day

  5. Order and split something off the menu you’re both afraid to try. Then get dessert you both love!

$50 and Under

  1. Wine / Beer Tasting

  2. Dinner + AMC $5 Movie (or $6 days at Living Room Theatre)

  3. Go to a Cat Cafe

  4. Go climbing/bouldering

  5. Try an escape room and see if you can beat the clock