Twenty Date Ideas That Aren't Netflix & Dinner


Okay, we've all experienced this moment. You're both sitting on the couch, it's about 5:15pm on a Friday, and it's supposed to be date night. Netflix sounds boring, and you want a nice dinner, but you're not really sure where to start. Trust me, this happens in my house way too much! You want to do something fun, but not stay out too late or spend too much money. All you're looking for is a relaxing evening out with the person you love, but still somewhat creative. Well, don't look away now, because I've got exactly what you're looking for! Well, twenty of them to be exact. Yes, I'm talking twenty new date ideas that won't break the bank or keep you out past your bedtime (hey, sleep is very important). My personal favorite is number nine! Check them out, and tag me on Instagram @katiedessinphoto if you try any of them!