Tips on Wedding Planning

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Engagements are popping up left and right on my social media feeds, and I have to just take a second and say CONGRATULATIONS! If I could send virtual hugs I would. But, I can't, so I'll just share some of my top wedding planning tips instead. Because if you're just getting started, any help wedding planning is life saving! 

So, let's start at the bottom with resources! These will help you maintain your focus, feed you inspiration, and guide you on the path to a successfully planned wedding - san stress. 

First is first, stock up on Magazines! My favorites are The Knot Magnolia Rouge and Brides. You'll find photos and helpful guides galore! Some magazines even have checklists built in, which can be incredibly helpful and save your printer ink. 

Next, find some local Facebook groups that are exclusive to engaged couples, that way you can ask questions and find new planning strategies. The most actives ones I've seen are The Wedding Connection and The Wed Thread.

If you're not already using Google Drive, get on that ASAP! Your organizational skills will be through the roof once the wedding is over. Create and share documents with anyone and everyone involved in the wedding. A lot of planners and venues will use this as well, so it's nice to keep all of your documents in one place.

Lastly, find a wedding planner or coordinator that makes a good fit for your big day. They will handle the stress and the organization so you don't have to. Planners and Coordinators are truly a miracle when you find the right one. It will be by far the best thing you will do for your sanity, trust me!