Timeless Wedding Details: The Venue


We are back for week three talking about four ways you can use modern details to create a timeless wedding. Our past topics were Dresses & Attire, and Flowers! Next, we're talking about how your venue can impact the overall aesthetic of your wedding. For more you can use the form at the bottom of the blog to get your own Timeless Wedding Guide with full details and inspirational images.

The Venue

When you look back at your wedding album on your fifteen year anniversary, the hope is you still LOVE your photos, right? And what is the biggest tell-all of trends and era? The venue and how it’s styled. A dark lit urban warehouse won’t produce the same carefree romantic emotion as a more Parisian outdoor setup. Which is why I always suggest choosing to have your ceremony outside if possible! If you’re getting married in January in Portland, Oregon you might not have a choice but to stay in doors. So if it’s summertime and there are visible sunsets, outdoors will always be best.

And this is incredibly important for your photography as well. Unless your indoor space is really bright and well lit, odds are your going to have the most flattering images taken outside in natural light.