Timeless Wedding Details: Photography Style


And week four, we made it! We've covered a lot of ground when it comes to creating a timeless wedding. From Dress & Attire, Flowers, and picking out a Venue, we've finally landed at the last detail: Photography Style. It could be the most important detail to think about, especially since this is the storytelling element that makes those other details matter so much.

Photography Style

The editing style and posing approach your photographer takes will have a huge impact on how the wedding album turns out. It’s not uncommon to scroll on Pinterest and see the couples posing with blankets wrapped around them, or standing far off in the distance holding hands as far apart as comfortable, or the groom holding out his ring and gasping as if mocking his bride. I could go on and on! Although these poses are cute and fun, it shouldn’t take up more than five percent of the gallery, tops! If classic is what you’re here for, than artistic choice is an important decision.

And when it comes to editing style, bright and light not only give a more inviting, welcoming, and loving mood to the images, but it’s also what looks the most timeless. Dark and moody images can be absolutely lovely, but it’s also a trend of the time.

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