Tierney + Mark: Smith Rock Engagement Photos

The greatest part about being an engagement photographer is easily the adventures you get to share with your clients. Especially here in Oregon! With a week's notice, Jem and I changed our coastal plans to make a trip to Bend to share one of these said adventures with Tierney and Mark. How lucky are we that we have so many options! So we packed our bags and drove down to visit Smith Rock State Park for the first time. One of the top locations on my "Must Shoot" list. 

The drive was gorgeous, and the sky was bright (despite the overcast), but no photos could prepare me for the stunning view. Like a crazy woman, I pulled out my camera and dashed from one plant to the next to capture the landscape. How could this only be a few hour drive from Portland, I do not know. And when our beautiful couple arrived, we were able to share our excitement with them.


The story of how they met still makes Tierney laugh. When you have a patient telling you to make a move, you could say these two were immediately made for each other. They met on the job during a nightshift at the hospital. They recall that meeting one another made the shift much more tolerable. Maybe they didn't look forward to the late nights, but they certainly looked forward to seeing each other. 


And of course, they wrote and hid notes to each other because they're that stinkin' cute. 


Mark proposed to Tierney in December at the happiest place on Earth. We're talking Disneyland of course. If that's not a magical proposal, I don't know what is. I'm pretty sure their cheeks were aching from smiling so much that day. And all this in between their work lives, and Tierney's studies. Truly the perfect winter break!


The pair enjoys travel and adventure together at every opportunity, since they are often busy at home. This mini trip to Bend was actually one of their many getaways. Their first together was a 16 hour road trip to San Francisco, where their itinerary was filled with bike rides, and sight seeing. Their other memories include dining in front of the Eiffel Tower, exploring castles in Ireland, and strolling through the streets of Amsterdam. Their next big stop will be Mexico, margaritas included!


The pair will be saying their "I Do's" with Dean Martin, wine, and great company next year. They envision a day of travel close to home. Italian details galore! Even during their vows. Adventure runs deep in their love. 

I love how grounding Mark is for me. He’s patient, kind, and has all the personality and character traits I wish I had! I truly respect him. 
Tierney pushes everyone around her to be better, including me. She helps me step out of my comfort zone to adventure and see the world, and I love who I am with her

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