The Importance of Printing your Photos


These days, any corner shop has a photo printer and a promise of a very short wait. Convenience always sounds like our best friend, but we all know food taste different from a microwave! 

As a photographer, I feel obligated to tell you about printing your photos, and why it's important to invest your time rather than your convenience. Professional Photographers have access to a dozen photo labs across the world, all with the same promise: unparalleled quality. And they all live up to it! When you feel the quality of archival paper, versus the quality of one hour shops, you will notice right away that they are completely different. Not only the texture of the paper, but the texture of the ink as well!

The lab that I use prints on high quality archival Fuji paper, with a few options of finish. When handled carefully, kept out of direct light and high temperatures, and always held with clean hands, the prints can easily last 60 years. Can't say that, can you Walgreens? 

It was because of this reason, I have prints and print options into my 2018 packages. I want to encourage you to start heirlooms, and create keepsakes! There is nothing more permanent than a physical print. In our digital age, that's easy to forget. You deserve this unparalleled quality!