The Importance of Community

When you’re struggling, when you feel off your game, or like you can’t stay focused on what matters, where do you turn? I hope it’s to your community. It doesn’t matter if yours has ten people in it, or one. These are the people you are meant to rely on the most when stuff gets hard. And even better, they are the ones to celebrate with in all of your victories.


This was Devan’s goal when she started Together last year. Originally it started as a “Bosslady conference experience, but she realized shortly after the first one in February that she wanted to open it up to be an all inclusive entrepreneur experience. She didn’t want to limit her community or have her attendees to do the same.


What came from this was a three day event here in Portland at the gorgeous Evergreen venue in SE, and fifty eager, knowledge hungry, and community based business owners and hobbyists looking to make their mark on the world.


What sparked from this was practically a movement of value and knowing your worth. What happened at this conference that doesn’t always happen, was that the promise of community was held, even beyond expectations.


Because when you are together, the choices you make in your life and business seem less scary. When you have someone to lean on, you feel braver. The things you can accomplish are limitless!


Find your community. Find the people you are inspired by; who you relate to; whose stories excite you. Your people are out there. Make your voice heard so you don’t have to feel small ever again. Your life is better because you’ve invited them in.