The Background Noise Trailer

Last summer, I had the honor of being cast in a four-part ensemble film called Droplets, now known as Background Noise. It’s a dark coming of age film, demonstrating the struggles of friendships, relationships, and the power of choice. In the film my character Grace plays an important role in Daphne’s decision making about where she wants her life to go and who she wants to be. But no spoilers!

In February I got to watch some of the footage from my scenes during an ADR session. This means I was locked up in a sound booth for a few hours recording my lines and matching my lips in the video so they could replace the bad audio with clean and controlled audio. I didn’t get to see all the footage, but what I saw was amazing! I was impressed by the vision of the Director and Crew and know this is going to be a huge hit!

The film itself doesn’t premiere until Fall, but there will be a viewing in May for cast and crew I can report on afterwards! It’s currently circling film festival submissions, so send us your best wishes! The teaser trailer already looks so good, I only have high expectations for the final feature. The cast and crew worked so hard and did just an incredible job, I can’t wait to see it pay off for them.

Let me know what you think of this trailer! You can only see me in a couple of clips, but the artistry is so great it’s worth the watch for that fact alone. More information coming soon!