Ten Bachelorette Party Ideas


Potentially the second best party you ever attend (your Wedding Day is the first obviously), The Bachelorette party is a necessary component of your wedding planning process. After all, the whole point of throwing a wedding is to have a party with your family and friends! The Bachelorette Party is essentially a more curated version of that without your boo by your side. Sometimes these parties get a bad rep for being the ‘wild child’ of parties. If strip clubs and going out drinking until 2am is NOT your jam, then this blog is dedicated to you.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating with booze and Channing Tatum, but it’s not every babe’s cup of tea! I’ve found it difficult to find a middle ground of parties to throw that are 1. fun and 2. not boring. Sure, an evening of board games and wine is a perfect night in, but this list is a little more special. I hope you get inspired to plan your future event! If you’re married and did something exciting for your Bachelorette party that isn’t listed here, leave a comment below to help the future brides out!

Spa Trip

Whether it’s over a weekend, or just an extended day, get yourself to the Spa! We’re talking facials, massages, mud baths, manicures, pedicures, etc. If you do this at a resort, you can get these discounted or included in your resort package!

Wine + Painting

I love that this is a thing now! There are stores that host these all the time. Alternatively, host it at home and make your own drinks. Put on Bob Ross and try and follow along!

Day Cruise

Or if you have the means, make it an extended cruise! If your city has a large body of water near it, I’m willing to bet that you can book a dinner cruise on it. If you’re interested more in the whole Carnival, etc. cruise experience, you can easily book a three day trip so you only need to request a day off work.

Weekend Lodge Trip

Whether this is in the mountains or on the lake, you probably have a National or State Park near you that has a really cute cabin that can accommodate all your ladies for the weekend! You can also search AirBNB for a fancy lodge with a view. Either way, pack up the hiking gear or swimsuits and make sure you grab the trailmix! This trip is going to be an active, yet relaxing one.


Oh yes. What else is there to say? Whether you can make a full weekend out of it, or you only have one day. Nothing says fun like a day at Disney.

A Concert / Music Festival

If your favorite musician or festival is happening around your wedding, then here is the perfect excuse to go see them! And before the concert you all can get ready together and finish the evening with dessert. Sounds like a perfect day!


This might be reserved for those who need a little liquid courage. Karaoke is such a fun way to spend hours laughing with your friends! Some Karaoke bars offer private rooms so you don’t have to feel like you’re putting on a show for dozens of strangers. Get the cameras out, this is going to be fun.

Movie Day

As in…see more than one movie a day. If you go on a Tuesday, at AMC, you can get in each move for $5. I would highly recommend finding a theatre that serves dinner or at least has a fancier selection of candy and drinks. You know, just to elevate the experience. Mega bonus points for the bridesmaid who finds the theatre with the reclining chairs.

Upgraded Sleepover

The idea of a sleepover sounds fun all by itself, but when you rent a hotel or an AirBnb, suddenly you’re looking at a different kind of party. Order room service or just a bunch of pizzas, rent a movie, play games, and enjoy the fun of a sleepover, but in a fancy way.

Escape Room + Dinner

I feel the need to explain that Escape Rooms are basically big puzzle rooms and 9 times out of 10 are not scary! I know the idea of escaping a room is terrifying, so it might take educating your bridesmaids to convince them to do it. Depending on where you go, you get 1-2 hours to solve a puzzle to escape out of your themed space. There’s a lot of teamwork involved, which is why it’s such a perfect event! After you’ve managed to break free (or you found yourself stumped), grab dinner nearby and laugh about all the ridiculous things that just happened.