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StruckSured at Tendue

Creating work that inspires you is the key to not only discovering new ideas, but it's also the key to continuously falling in love with what you do. We all know the feeling of burnout, especially in our work life. There is not one quick fix for everyone, but you can cure the symptoms by listening to what your heart is asking you for. Work that makes you happy. Yes, we need to make money, to pay the bills, and to deliver what our bosses and clients expect from us, but it's incredibly important to make room for yourself.

This is a belief that Samantha and I share, and what makes our creative and business relationships work so well. I encouraged her at the beginning of the year to put together a shoot that could embody her business, something that highlights her strengths, her personality, and work we could continue to collaborate on in the future.


If you've had the pleasure of working with her before, you know her skills are always a pleasant surprise. Because you expect great work from her, but what you receive is beyond expectations. Every time. 

I wanted to share some highlights from our most recent shoot, because talent should be shared, and blasted, and admired! We set up at Tendue, a local Portland natural light studio that is just as dreamy in real life as it is in the photos. We connected with Beanpole Pottery because her aesthetic is an incredible match, and we love highlighting other incredibly creative women! Florals were provided by the one and only Molly Ryan based out of Hood River. And of course, creative credit goes to StruckSured Events + Interiors. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I do.