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Dear Brides, Yes, You Can Have a Perfect Wedding

Dear Brides, Yes, You Can Have a Perfect Wedding

No matter what you might be thinking now, you can have the perfect wedding. The key, though, is teamwork. I am so lucky to be involved in a community filled with so many talented and hard working creative women, all joining together on a mission to give you a memorable and beautiful day.

Three Reasons to Have an Outdoor Wedding in Oregon this Summer

In Oregon, having an outdoor wedding can feel like an iffy situation. The majority of the summer is beautiful, warm, and dry, perfect conditions for a wedding! However, you might still feel unsettled and choose an indoor space instead. Although there are a variety of beautiful spaces you can find inside, I have three reasons why choosing to have an outdoor ceremony will give you more opportunities for beautiful wedding photos and help create your perfect wedding. 

1 - They're More Scenic 

No matter if your idea of scenic is a lush green field, a view of Mount Hood, or an overlook of on of Oregon's luxury vineyards, outdoor venues can provide you with many options to create a stunning backdrop behind your I Do's. There will be many photo opportunities with family, friends, and your wedding party to create gorgeous formal photos that will be hung on your mantels for years to come. 

2 - More space for Guests to Roam

By default, most outdoor venues are more spacious, lending your guests more opportunities to roam and socialize. While we are taking formals of the family during cocktail hour, your guests will take a walk through the field, find shelter underneath a tree, or play any lawn games you might have set up for them. One of the anxieties of wedding planning is keeping the guests entertained. When the weather is beautiful, and there is space to wander, your guests will be delighted to soak in the sun while sipping on wine.


3 - Gorgeous Light & Timeless Imagery

Film craves good light. The majority of professional film stocks prefer sunshine and open skies over the indoors. That's not to say it's impossible to capture moments on film indoors, but it is significantly easier outside. Your details will look brighter, and your images will seem timeless through the color and capture on film. During sunset, you will have one last quick moment for photos. The way the sun will hit your dress and kiss your cheek will far beat any photos you can take together. This moment alone will pay its weight in gold. 



So now, you ask what happens if it rains during my wedding? The majority of venues already have a spare indoor space you can use for dining and most often use this space as a backup for bad weather. Some venues have tents prepared, and you always will have an option to rent them on your own if bad weather is approaching. If the rain is light, like it often is in the summer, offering guests slick black umbrellas or asking them to bring their own will create a beautiful and classic look to your otherwise rained out wedding day. 


Due to the popularity of outdoor venues, they often book out 8-12 months in advance. If you don't want to commit to a longer engagement, try seeking venues outside the typical Portland radius, or ask a planner or photographer if they have any recommendations. 

Vendor Highlight: Sara B Calligraphy


Sarah is a girl after my own heart. Her hand lettered invitations, delicate drawings, and all around romantic calligraphy collections are everything I look for in my hunt for wedding details. She has a creative heart, and a bright soul that makes her to easy to talk to. We connected on Instagram, as most artists do, and instantly wanted to collaborate with each other. When I got a package from her in my mailbox, I wanted to do a little happy dance. But that excitement was nothing compared to when I saw her designs in real life! Let me tell you, gold ink on handmade paper will make you instantly feel like royalty! 

I'd love for you to meet Sarah and get to know what makes her so special, asides from her amazing work. We did a quick Q&A, but if you'd like to know her better, give her a follow on instagram @sarahbcalligraphy.

  • In three words or three small phrases, who are you?

    Creative, Honest, Determined

  • What piqued your interest in calligraphy?

    While I was searching for a job after graduation and a marketing internship, I wanted something new to dabble in that kept my creative spark going. I've always been a fan of typography and practiced hand-lettering in and out of college. One day I decided that the next type-based area I wanted to explore was calligraphy. I taught myself on a whim and have never looked back.

  • What is your favorite part about lettering?

    We grew up learning a specific way of learning letterforms. I think we all can agree that we learned the basics and put our own personal spin to it. That's exactly how I am with calligraphy. I learned the basics of typography and calligraphy and broke some of those rules! My personality really shines through it. I love that aspect!

  • Do you have a specialty in your services? Or a service that people may not know about?

    One service I really enjoy is calligraphing vows and love letters. I love transcribing people's emotions and love through something that some people may find mundane. Paper is a fundamental part of our lives from our birth certificate to a marriage certificate. Why not have your thoughts about your true love on a beautiful piece of paper with gorgeous custom calligraphy? This service I offer is perfect for the Paper Anniversary, Valentine's Day, birthdays, and the wedding day!

  • You're a very talented artist, what else do you do besides calligraphy?

    Calligraphy is definitely something I am continuing to learn. I don't think we should every stop learning! I am actually a bit of a collector of hobbies. I love photography, dance, circle weaving, and hand-embroidery. Anything I do has to have some kind of art basis. I love expressing myself through many forms of activities.

  • Do you mostly serve weddings?

    Yes, weddings are my primary source of my business. However, I'm working on a beautiful sweet sixteen suite that I'm so excited about. I love weddings because that is much more my style at this point in my business.

  • What do you like to do on your off days?

    On my off days, I spend time with my family while crafting something with my hands. If I don't have an oblique pen holder in my hand, I have a hoop and embroidery thread. It's really relaxing and gives me a chance to catch up on TV shows.

  • Why Community over Competition?

    In the beginning, we think we HAVE to do everything on our own or we won't succeed. That is SO wrong. I've connected with so many talented, gracious, and kind creatives. We partner and collaborate with each other all of the time. Any time someone asks me questions or if I see questions in different Facebook groups, I always try to answer because I wish I had had that in the beginning. We all have to start somewhere, and it's great to have a little help from friends and other creative entrepreneurs. It's about working together to make something wonderful. If we were all competing, my job would not be an fun and satisfying.

  • What is your dream or vision for Sarah B Calligraphy?

    I'm living it right now! I have amazing clients who share common styles as I do. They're my ideal clients. We laugh and create some amazing and unique paper pieces which they love and their guests enjoy. I do hope to grow more each year and continue to get amazing clients. My mission for my business is to empower love with lettered details. I want the pieces I create to share a story.

  • What is the most important piece of advice you have for your clients?

    One thing I like sharing with my clients is to enjoy the wedding planning process. There is no reason to get stressed out. Little things seem big at the time, but they'll be something you won't even remember after the wedding. What you'll remember is the look in his eyes, the joy from your family, the delicious food, and the support of your loved ones.