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Pantone 2019 Color Combinations

Pantone 2019 Color Combinations

Let’s talk about PANTONE! Last week I mentioned a couple of ways you can add this years Spring/Summer palettes to your wedding bouquet. Today I wanted to continue that conversation to inspire any element of your wedding day! If you’ve had a chance to review this year’s colors, you might find them a little challenging to use or wonder what are the best pairings to really make the most out of the colors. Recently I’ve found myself encouraging my clients to be inspired by color combinations more than outfit ideas to inspire their looks for their photoshoot. It’s because of both of those thoughts, I decided to create this post!

Whether you’re looking to revamp your closest, need some ideas for your photoshoot outfits, or are looking for ways to tie this year’s colors into your wedding, I hope you’ll find these combos inspiring! I tried to make use of color as often as possible, but some tones really required muted colors to balance their vibrancy. When in doubt, you can use any of the Pantone colors with white, grey, or black! Or simply use them on their own!

These are the Must Have Flowers for Your Bouquet This Year

These are the Must Have Flowers for Your Bouquet This Year

Floral Designers often see trends growing as they receive inquiries from brides and couples, sometimes months down the road. At Katie's kind invitation, I'm going to share just a few notes that may help you make some decisions if you're in the process of planning a wedding or elopement. 

Three Ways to Add Greenery into Your Wedding


Possibly my favorite Pantone Color of the Year so far, Greenery is refreshing, inspiring, and invokes nostalgia of spring picnics from your childhood. It's of the most unusual picks, and finding uses for it for your upcoming wedding could take some time and heavy thought. Florists and film photographers are among those excited and motivated to bring this color to purpose. Here are some ways you could add greenery into your wedding subtly and beautifully.

1 - Your Bouquet

Instead of choosing a bouquet full of colorful blooms, opt for a simpler and classic look by going 50/50 on the greens, or if you're as into this trend as I am, go full on green! Here is a bouquet created by Alli of Bramble Floral Design showcasing how unique and gorgeous your bouquet could look when taking this trend full on. Other ways to add greens through your florist is to hang garland for a ceremony arch, or go simple on the table vases with a few ferns. 

2 - Opt Outdoors

Maybe this is an obvious one, but choosing an outdoor venue surrounded by luscious lawns, over-growing vineyards, or tall breezy trees, you'll instantly immerse yourself in a world of green without having to think too hard. Greens also appear cleaner and softer on film, so you never have to worry about overly bright or saturated images. 

3 - Subtle Decor

Don't overload your guests with this Pantone color in your decor, instead be subtle and add it where they wouldn't expect it. You can use it in your invitations by asking your designer to add vines or wreaths. You can add it to your tables by placing a fern or sprig of rosemary on the plate settings.  You can choose to use real or fake leaves as your escort cards and commission a calligrapher to draw your guests names on them. You can dress up the snacks platters with fresh grapes and apples. You can be adventurous at the dessert bar by offering pistachio macarons, key lime mini pies, and mint chip truffles. 


See, there are many ways you can bring this trend to life without feeling electric or nuclear! How do you feel about the color of the year? Are you going to incorporate it to other aspects of your life?