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What are the Benefits of Having Two Photographers?

What are the Benefits of Having Two Photographers?

Thankfully it's more common now than a few years ago, but having a second photographer at your wedding is of the most important and overlooked pieces of wedding planning. You might have set aside a specific piece of your budget for your photography services, and the photographers you inquire with ask you if you would like to add on a second photographer to your potential package.

Wedding Advice From a Professional Wedding Florist

Blog by Kim of Swoon Floral Design

Wedding planning is so fun! But, for a lot of couples, it is also very stressful. There are so many decisions to make in a short period of time. As a floral design + event designer, and industry professional in general, my first piece of advice is to hire vendors whose brand and style align with the vision you have for your wedding day.

Floral can be an overwhelming piece of wedding planning for couples for two common reasons: First, most couples know very little about flowers such as, what is even in season when we are getting married, how much do flowers cost, what areas of my wedding do I need floral? Secondly, for the most part, couples won’t see their floral vision come to life until the day of the wedding. To conquer your floral anxiety, here are a few of my top tips:

1: Hire a florist whose over all style and aesthetic resonate with you and the vision for your wedding day.

Do you like tight, round, more classic arrangements? Or do you prefer a more organic, natural style to floral design? Research different florists and look for consistent portfolio work in your preferred style.

2: Be open to your florist’s expertise and suggestions; especially if you are on a tight budget.

More often than not, florists are presented with grand ideas (thanks Pinterest) only to find out that the client’s budget will cover ¼ of those ideas. Be open and trust your florist’s ideas and suggestions for flowers that will work within your budget. If you are not willing to budget on your vision, be prepared to pay more in order to meet those expectations. We also want your flowers and your wedding day to be beautiful and special, so trust that we will guide you in a direction that will produce that outcome.

3. Greenery is not necessarily cheaper.

Garlands and an abundance of greenery in general is definitely trending right now. We love the use of greenery in all parts of a wedding as it lends to a more natural, organic style that we love. However, it’s become a common misconception that greenery is cheap. When using greenery to create impact (think installations, garlands, etc.) many, many bunches are needed and that can add up.

4. Consult with your florist before buying your own vases.

The quotes I write for centerpieces, large scale arrangements, etc. are more often than not based on the size of vases we carry in our inventory. We choose our vessels carefully based on style, durability, and size/scale. There have been many times where a bride has decided to buy her own vases. They are usually too big (which means I will have to fill them with more blooms, costing them more money), or too small, making them look silly on the tables, altar, etc.

5. Budget extra money to have your florist deliver and setup your event.

These services are required of our full service design clients, but some florists may have the option for you to pickup the flowers yourself. Don’t. Do. It. There is so much more to delivery and setup than showing up at the venue and plopping a centerpiece on the table. I always bring at least 2 assistants with me to every wedding. We set each table to perfection, placing every centerpiece facing the same way so that your guests will see a cohesive presentation upon entering the reception. We bring extra flowers and foliage in case something gets broken or falls out during transport and setup. We often times provide other décor items, such as candles, arbors, and other structural items. We remake boutonnieres when one of the groomsmen’s destroys theirs. Again, we want your wedding to be just as beautiful and special as you do. Having us on sight ensures that.

Bonus tip:

Often times, floral is the main décor element of a wedding day and there are a lot of other design decisions that will dictate what floral pieces you will have and where they will make sense. For this reason we also offer event design services in which we coordinate and execute each aesthetic element of your wedding day, ensuring a cohesive, unique experience for you and your guests.

Three Reasons to Have an Outdoor Wedding in Oregon this Summer

In Oregon, having an outdoor wedding can feel like an iffy situation. The majority of the summer is beautiful, warm, and dry, perfect conditions for a wedding! However, you might still feel unsettled and choose an indoor space instead. Although there are a variety of beautiful spaces you can find inside, I have three reasons why choosing to have an outdoor ceremony will give you more opportunities for beautiful wedding photos and help create your perfect wedding. 

1 - They're More Scenic 

No matter if your idea of scenic is a lush green field, a view of Mount Hood, or an overlook of on of Oregon's luxury vineyards, outdoor venues can provide you with many options to create a stunning backdrop behind your I Do's. There will be many photo opportunities with family, friends, and your wedding party to create gorgeous formal photos that will be hung on your mantels for years to come. 

2 - More space for Guests to Roam

By default, most outdoor venues are more spacious, lending your guests more opportunities to roam and socialize. While we are taking formals of the family during cocktail hour, your guests will take a walk through the field, find shelter underneath a tree, or play any lawn games you might have set up for them. One of the anxieties of wedding planning is keeping the guests entertained. When the weather is beautiful, and there is space to wander, your guests will be delighted to soak in the sun while sipping on wine.


3 - Gorgeous Light & Timeless Imagery

Film craves good light. The majority of professional film stocks prefer sunshine and open skies over the indoors. That's not to say it's impossible to capture moments on film indoors, but it is significantly easier outside. Your details will look brighter, and your images will seem timeless through the color and capture on film. During sunset, you will have one last quick moment for photos. The way the sun will hit your dress and kiss your cheek will far beat any photos you can take together. This moment alone will pay its weight in gold. 



So now, you ask what happens if it rains during my wedding? The majority of venues already have a spare indoor space you can use for dining and most often use this space as a backup for bad weather. Some venues have tents prepared, and you always will have an option to rent them on your own if bad weather is approaching. If the rain is light, like it often is in the summer, offering guests slick black umbrellas or asking them to bring their own will create a beautiful and classic look to your otherwise rained out wedding day. 


Due to the popularity of outdoor venues, they often book out 8-12 months in advance. If you don't want to commit to a longer engagement, try seeking venues outside the typical Portland radius, or ask a planner or photographer if they have any recommendations.