What to Ask at a Consultation

What to Ask at a Consultation

As you gear up for your upcoming photography consultation, you might be a little nervous as what to ask. Pinterest and large wedding blogs often offer outdated or confusing resources that make it hard to navigate what you are looking for in your services. Maybe the questions you bring to ask end up being information that doesn't pertain to you or your wedding. Instead, create your own list of questions that bring clarity and excitement to your photography booking process. Here are some of my favorite questions to ask and answer at a consultation. 

A Visual Film & Digital Comparison

A Visual Film & Digital Comparison

I am very vocal about my love for film photography, and a quick scroll through my blog or social media will easily prove that. In the past, I have shown videos of my editing process, shown images of how I adjust my film, and have talked about what gear I shoot with specifically to achieve the look I want. Today, I want to dive even deeper and show you a real comparison of my film and digital images before editing. 

Why Does It Take So Long To Get My Photos Back?

Why Does It Take So Long To Get My Photos Back?

Why does it take so long to receive your photos back from a photographer? Yeah, I know you've asked that one before! Although it depends on every photographer, it's usually because it just takes a lot of time!

My Wedding Prep


Waking up on the day of a wedding is a lot like waking up for a big road trip. Is everything packed? Are the batteries charged? Do we have snacks on snack? How many water bottles should we bring?

I am one week away from my first 2017 Wedding and I am anticipating this season more than I have any season before this. Last winter, I took a lot of time to focus on my goals, my work, and my methods, and myself. Let's face it, I needed a refresh, and I needed to be re-inspired. Thank goodness for Hawaii!

This year, I'm ready to show up and create unforgettable images for my clients. But this starts well before the ceremony even begins! It starts at home the night before the wedding. 

I prepare for a wedding by making sure to charge all my batteries, from my cameras and light meter, to my iPhone and laptop. I want to make sure when I show up, I have two full days of battery life, in case anything happens. I print off any printable materials I might need, such as timelines, family photo lists, and shot lists for personal reference. I add each paper to my bag, and to Jem's bag, and have two backups in the car for any emergency, or other vendor's reference. 

Next, I make sure my lenses have been wiped down and checked for quality. I attach a 50mm lens to each of our cameras, and close it off with a lens cap. These are set down in our gear pile next to our gear bags. Next, I pack up the lighting equipment (used mainly for indoor receptions and low light situations), add new batteries, and stack it in a neat pile next to my cameras. Once the gear has been set, I take the last few hours of the afternoon to rest and recharge for the busy day ahead. I will make a full dinner, and check in with my couple to send them big hugs in advance.

The morning of the wedding, Jem and I like to take our time so we aren't stressed out prior to our work day. We eat a big breakfast, take a walk outside, and triple check everything we need is packed up and ready to be loaded in the car. Depending on the wedding location and time, we will usually head towards the wedding location around lunchtime and eat nearby. This ensures we aren't late or stuck in any accidents or traffic! On the way to the venue, we will usually stop off for coffee or tea at a cafe to get our last dose of caffeine of the day. 

About 30 minutes before our scheduled start time, we arrive early to check our gear, say hello to the couple and the vendors, as well as take out last walk around the venue (sans gear), to do our final map of where we would like to take photos of for the day. This is incredibly helpful in case of any unforeseeable mishap, including the weather!

That's basically it! The most important thing to us when prepping for a wedding day, besides making sure gear is in check, is making sure we are showing up happy and inspired! The worst way to arrive at a wedding, is grouchy, unsure, or nervous. We do our best to get everything in order the night before so we can use our free time to enjoy the anticipation of the amazing work we get to do. 

Dreams of Hawaii: Film I'm Packing

I am a funny kind of person to travel with. I plan my packing a week in advance, but always tend to shove all sorts of unnecessary things in last minute. Every time I travel, I have to remind myself that I don't need 8 pairs of shoes, and I don't need a dress for meeting the Queen. I always pack like I can't be too careful, and yet forget the things I really need. Anyone else? 

As I put together my travel list, and try to make it more organized, I realized I needed to consider what camera(s) to bring, and what kind of film. And here comes the packing anxiety! As a photographer, I want to bring all my gear. What if there's a perfect opportunity to use *this* camera? Or what if the situation calls for *this* one? Yeah, I'm hopeless. 

But, I do have to narrow down. And I do have to decide what I should leave behind. This is my list; if I stick to it, I will have an easy time vacationing, and capturing the moments I'm preparing for. 

  • 35mm Olympus OM-G, drugstore & experiment rolls
  • Mamiya 645 Pro TL, three rolls of Fuji 400h
  • iPhone, Filmborn
  • Canon 5D Mark III, 16G Memory card, Mastin Labs

Okay now, be honest, excessive? Yes, this is me, cutting it back! In the end, no matter how hard I try, I am going to be that chaotic packer. But, in the end, the photos I will bring back will be worth its weight in gold.

Holiday Card Options


We are nine days into November. WHAT? Every year you're a little bit older, and days fly by faster. I want to take a moment to share with you the options I have for your custom holiday cards! If you booked a Holiday session, a custom pack of these are already included. But what if you took your photos earlier in the year? Thankfully, you can order your own stack with the photos you already have! Here are this years collection of fully customizable holiday cards:

2016 Ornamental Set:


Click the button below to book your Holiday session, or use the contact page to inquire about Holiday cards! Sessions end December 6th. Order cutoff December 11th. 

Counting Down from October 31st

Happy Halloween! 

Today is the start of my favorite time of year. I spend all of October wrapping up my wedding season, and promising myself I will go to the pumpkin patch. It's a great and busy month! But October 31st is the day I countdown to. I love Halloween festivities, baking treats for myself, and putting on some classic scary flicks. 

October 31st is the first of many days I countdown to this time of year. Tomorrow is the start of my Holiday mini sessions! I will be opening up my calendar for a select number of clients for all of November to capture images for their Holiday cards! Yes, this means I will be in the Holiday spirit well before it's time. But who can complain about that? 

If you're interested in booking a session, click the button below! All mini sessions include a minimum of 25 custom designed Holiday cards from my collection. Won't you join me? I can't wait to meet you! 

These sessions are open to couples and families alike!