Explore Portland


This city, the place that I call home. A month from now I will be celebrating three years of panic, growth, and spontaneity. As my anniversary nears, I took to the streets to re-explore.

I chose Portland out of gut instinct. Some people told me yes, some told me no. One person said she'd go with me. In under 50 days, I went from deciding to move, to signing my lease. Having never visited before, and knowing nothing about the city, I put all my trust into possibilities.

I worked a few retail jobs, worked at a live theatre, moved back to Alaska for a few months, and found myself asking for more creativity. My cameras and heart both collecting dust. I started my business in April of 2014, starting with headshots and landscapes. With the love and trust from this city I kept growing. To portraits, to engagements, to weddings, to boudoir, and things still keep moving.

Although our city keeps growing, maybe too fast for it's own good, I cannot help but respect those who made the same decision I did. We are all looking for a temporary home, a place to foster love and friendship and creativity. Portland held it for me, and so many others. Maybe in 10 years, I won't find it here anymore. My passion will move, and as will I. But for now, I will continue to cherish this city, the place I call home.

Alisha + Gabby -- Senior Photos

If you remember back in July I did senior portraits for two best friends Maddy and Molly. Since I took their photos I have been getting emails and texts from other seniors and their parents who wanted to schedule their own senior portraits portraits session with me. Given the same opportunity to shoot with their best friend, Alisha and Gabby contacted me and we quickly met to talk about locations.

Immediately, the girls told me they wanted to shoot outside in nature rather than downtown or in the Pearl like Maddy and Molly did. So Sauvies Island it was!!! We planned the shoot during the Harvest Festival in hopes that we would get to walk around in a field of pumpkins. However, come to find, the pumpkins were still very much attached to the vines and the sun was way too bright to see in so we had to think quickly.

We took a quick stroll around the island to a shaded patch of land and rested our eyes from the blinding sun. This spot of course gave us some opportunity to shoot some cute photos as well. After walking back to the festival, we took advantage of the red barns and sunflowers before heading over to the waterfront during sunset (and actually finding some pumpkins along the way). During the entire shoot we were laughing at how silly it is to pose for senior portraits, and how awkward it is to pretend a camera isn’t there. This awkward atmosphere gave us some great laughs and beautiful grins that lightened up the whole day. In the end, as with all shoots, the girls had warmed up to the camera and helped make some really adorable pictures near the waterfront.