Summer Date Ideas For When It's Too Hot


Every year, without fail, Portland finds itself in the middle of a heatwave that feels hopeless and never-ending. Yes, we want to have fun and be a part of Summer activities, but some days it's just TOO hot to even think about it. So to prepare for that inevitable day, my friends, I have a list of five activities you can do for your date night when it's hot as heck outside. Just looking for something to do after you finished up your workday early? Give these a go! My personal favorite is number three. 

1. See A Movie

Maybe it's too obvious to add to this list, but it's a classic for a reason! Movie Theatres 99% of the time have the best AC in town, AND you can be entertained. Kick it up a notch and find a theatre that has a nice dinner menu too, such as Living Room or any of the McMenamins!

2. Go To The Coast

Another classic! The coast hardly goes above 75 in the summertime. Maybe it's too cold to swim, but wader Cannon Beach and grab a plate of fish & chips! Sounds nicer than sweating it out on the couch to me. 

3. Try No-Bake Desserts

Okay so the tank is empty and you have no desire to leave the house. What do you do? Bake! But if it's hitting the 100s, maybe try avoid turning on the oven. No-Bake desserts are wonderfully creative and delightfully delicious if you get the right recipe. My favorite? Keylime Pie made from Avocado.

4. Go To The Gym

Yup, I said it. If it's too hot outside, try hitting the gym! Either way you're going to sweat, might as well make it a competition to see who can sprint the longest or hold their Eagle pose. 

5. Hand In A Cafe

Another great hub for good AC, and often times, good food too! Bring your laptops, notebooks, or fiction bestsellers and find yourself a good cafe to spend a few comfortable hours in. If you're in Portland, Sister's Coffee is my number one stop.|

Alright, there ya have it! Now when the heat wave hits out of nowhere, you'll know where to look for a little inspiration. Happy Wednesday!