Staying Healthy During Wedding Season


Eating right and staying healthy are imperative to my work as a Wedding Photographer, especially during wedding season. I am on my feet basically from sunrise until past sunset organizing, hustling, and photographing on a wedding day. It's exhausting and requires a lot of physical and mental energy. In order to continue doing what we love, we must have the right food and nutrients to fuel our day and keep us on our A-Game. 

Last year, Jem and I committed ourselves to reducing our intake of sugar, carbs, and processed foods for the entirety of wedding season. It was hard at first, especially resisting the cake, but we managed to push past the cravings and stick to our goal. By the end of the year, we had hit our health goals and went on our Hawaiian vacation feeling confident and energized. 

Because we went around the holiday season, we hit a roadblock and found ourselves by the dessert table once again. It took a few months (I'll be honest) to get back into the health cycle, but we're already feeling more awake and alert as each day goes by. 

I want to share a few things that helped us recommit to the lifestyle we started for ourselves last year, and how they've worked to improve our health and energy. Here they are in no particular order:

Magnesium & Vitamin D:

It's Portland and it's still gloomy outside. We noticed an extreme lack of energy on cloudier days even though we were getting enough sleep. I'm an early riser, usually around 5/5:30am, but over the past few months I wouldn't get out of bed until 8 or 9am! I realized I was lacking in the vitamins category and added Magnesium (which most people are deficient in anyways) and Vitamin D to help me get out of bed in the morning, and maintain my alertness through out the day.

Pressed Juicery:

Juicing has both a huge following, and a huge controversy. Most pressed juices on the grocery store shelves are filled with fruit juices that are more a concentrate of sugar and carbs than actual vitamins and beneficial nutrients. It's mainly for this reason I completely avoided juices and stuck to salads and sautés. However, on Instagram I discovered this company called Pressed Juicery, did a little research, and found that the majority of their green juices are just...greens! No apples, no oranges, no carrots (unless you want it). I quickly found myself driving to the nearest shop (in Seattle) and buying the bottles in bulk. No kidding! Most people who juice will drink these as meal replacers or as cleanses, but I prefer to add them into my already clean diet for added nutritional value. They taste way better than the ones on the shelves of health food stores, and add the perfect kick to my step without over doing it. In love!

My Fitness Pal:

Maybe you've heard of it before, but My Fitness Pal is a phone app that you can use to track your exercise and nutrition. I downloaded it last year when I was starting my new lifestyle and found it extremely beneficial for staying on the right track. I could see what vitamins I lacked in, what my daily carb intake was, and how many calories I was burning through regular exercise. It helped me train my brain to estimate the nutrition of my daily meals so I wouldn't blindly eat whatever was nearby. Shopping became simpler, and I found ways to make food tasty without adding unnecessary or unhealthy ingredients! When I found myself struggling with the routine earlier this year, I committed to using My Fitness Pal once again to retrain myself into eating the right foods that are good for me, and enjoyable.

I will add a disclaimer to this blog post in saying I'm not perfect. I'm not a symbol of health and I certainly don't know everything when it comes to nutrition, but I'm learning and am committed to it. These items have really helped me steer myself to health and long lasting energy for Wedding Season, and I hope that you find a benefit in them as well. If you are on the same path as I am, and have any suggestions, please feel free to share them with me through my email or down below on this blog post!