Should I do a First Look?


This is one of the hardest decisions to make. Whether you chose the traditional or newly-traditional route, the decision is ultimately up to you. Here are some things to consider:

Pros + 

  1. Additional Time for Portraits
    By opting for a First Look, you and your fiance are able to squeeze in an additional 30 minutes for couple's portraits. This way, if you get caught up dancing and partying (as you should), you don't have to worry about stepping away from the crowd
  2. Less Posing, More Candid
    The First Look is completely candid. If you are the type of couple who would prefer to have real documented moments with each other, this might be the best option for you. Of course, 90% of the day is documented in a candid fashion. However, if you did decide to skip couples portraits for more candid moments, this is the answer you are looking for
  3. An Intimate Moment Together
    With the First Look, you share the surprise together, and usually alone. Sometimes couples will opt to share this moment with their bridal party or close relatives. This special moment is shared with each other, without the iPhones and flashes. This does not mean that walking down the isle will be less special. Listen, you will both still be crying. You are still getting married. 

Cons -

  1. The Tradition
    Weddings in and of itself are very traditional. Many couples who opt out of the first look do so because they want this moment down the isle. Nothing beats the look on the couple's faces during this quiet moment. Not to mention mom and dad's reactions!
  2. Taking Extra Time
    Depending on your schedule, you simply might not have enough time! The First Look takes off 45 minutes from your schedule. You might want to use that time to get photos of the bridal party instead, or just candid moments getting ready. Talk with you photographer or coordinator and have them type up two mock schedules, one with the first look, and with without. Remember to always prioritize what you want. This is your wedding, if you don't have enough time, then you simply don't have enough time.
  3. There's Nowhere to Go
    Your venue might not have the accommodations or private space for a First Look. Depending on the number of guests, and layout of the space, it might be almost impossible to experience this First Look alone. The point of the first look is the share it with each other or an intimate number of people, if there's nowhere to go, your guests might catch the whole scene.

Other Options

Still aren't sure? Maybe consider these options as an alternative:

  1. Just Saying Hello
    Maybe instead of a First Look, just say hello. From another room, or around a corner. You won't see each other, and you can still hold hands if you want to. Some couple talk to each other from another room; the musically talented will sing a song they wrote. If you don't want to see each other, but still want to share an intimate moment, this is a great option! These moments typically take 20 minutes.
  2. First Look - Mom & Dad
    Do you want the feeling of a First Look, but not with your fiancé? Have a First Look with Mom or Dad. They will appreciate the thought. This is also a great option if the Bride doesn't want an escort. He will feel special knowing you wanted to share this moment with him instead.

I hope this has helped you. There is no right or wrong answer. Every couple is different, so choose the option that feels right. Still unsure? Ask your friends what they did. Are they happy with their decision? What do they wish was different? 

Happy Planning!