Sarah + Cameron: Cozy Fall Engagement

They had the setup of a Hallmark movie. Boy and girl meet in college and fall in love over an adventurous dinner that would soon become their favorite. Except without the cheesy music, the bad dialogue, and a magic old lady who casts a spell of love from across the room. Don’t lie, you’ve seen movies like that!

Sarah and Cameron met at Linfield in their freshman year. You can tell by the way they smile at each other that they shared a lot of laughs back then. Laughter is one of the most important ingredients of love, next to care, compassion, and selflessness, of which they both share all.


Unlike a romcom, although Cameron was hesitant to try Thai Food, he didn’t have an embarrassingly spicy dish (Looking at you Along Came Polly), and he didn’t swear by never trying it again. Actually, things went on as perfectly as you’d hope. A kind of date to start many like it. Soon trying new restaurants and would become something they would enjoy experiencing together as often as they could.


Sarah is the most caring person I have ever known. She always puts others first and goes out of her way to make people happy.


Cameron proposed to Sarah in, what she describes, the most perfect way she could’ve imagined. It started at the White Rose in Dundee for a surprise “vineyard tour” Cameron had arranged. How romantic is this already? They had been there four years prior for their 3rd anniversary as a couple. But wait, it gets better…


At the end of the tour they stopped in the Cellar Room, where Cameron got down on one knee and asked Sarah to marry him. Of course she said yes! He told her that he had been planning the proposal for a while and that he had saved a bottle of wine from when they were there four years ago for that night. HOW CUTE IS THAT?

But that wasn’t the last surprise of the night. Cameron had let their parents in on the proposal and invited them to join them for dinner at Sarah and Cameron’s favorite restaurant. Sarah’s parents had traveled up from California, and Cameron’s from the coast for the celebration. They will be married this August!


I love that Cameron always knows how to make me laugh and turn my mood around, no matter the situation.


We've been together over 7 years and are excited for this next step in our lives, but we're also not the types to take ourselves too seriously. We really want our wedding to a party to celebrate this next step!