My Favorite Productivity Tools

Each day in the life of an entrepreneur is different. Some days feel inefficient and slow, while other days we only need the sound of Beyoncé to kick us into gear. No matter what the day looks like, having productivity tools by my side changes the way I can run my business, and gives me the opportunity to work smarter, not harder.

As a photographer, I have more responsibilities to my job than taking photos and editing photos. I have emails, taxes, and dreams to manage. Over the past few years, I've put time into finding the right tools to keep me organized and efficient. Being overwhelmed by your weekly tasks is the right way to start your week off wrong! Whether you are a solopreneur, working on a team, or are just looking for ways to organize your daily life, you can find at least one tool that can help you find a little peace in your day. 

Here are my favorite productivity tools in no particular order:


  • I use this program to manage invoices, keep track of emails, send contracts & questionnaires, and create workflow checklists. This has helped me remain paperless, and track the inner works of my business simply.


  • Since hiring Jem to edit our images, I signed up for Asana to help set goals for our editing workflow. We can assign tasks per person, and set due dates for our projects. You can also receive notification reminders to stay accountable. It's also free, so why not!


  • Planning social media is HARD! Some days I just don't have time or energy to create a photo and caption from scratch, so often times I will do this all in advance to avoid putting out content that my followers ignore. If I find I'm hitting a roadblock, I will go into my Later app and find pictures and captions I've written in advance and use those instead. That way, I can focus on other important things in hand while still putting out useful content for my audience. 

Google Calendar

  • There's no virtual calendar on the market better than Google Calendar. I can share certain mini calendars with my friends or clients, invite clients to events, and add timed reminders so I can stay on top of my daily schedule. Also free!

Rifle Paper Co. Stationary

  • If you know me, you knew this would be on the list. From the 16-Month Calendar, to the desk notepads, Rifle Paper Co. has everything I need to not only keep my business maintained, but also keep it cute. Let's be real, it's the most Instagram-Worthy paper source. 


  • I like to start work early most days, so I can be ahead of the game and enjoy my afternoons and save them for photoshoots. I've found it's much easier for me to answer emails at the start of my day, and again somewhere in the middle. The issue is, I don't want my clients to receive emails at 5am. That's too early for most people. I use Gmelius to schedule out my emails so that if I write an email at 5am, it will still send at 8am (a more acceptable emailing time). I can also set reminders through the app so I can remember to follow up with a client or vendor within an appropriate time frame


  • Lastly, one of my favorite productivity tools is iCloud. I signed up for iCloud in order to securely store my wedding photos in case of emergency. I never thought I would love it as much as I do! I can connect to any of my Apple devices and go over documents, images, and other files anywhere, and anytime. This frees up storage on my devices, and provides my business workflow ease and accessibility. If there's anything on this list you invest in, this is the one! 

I hope you found this list helpful and insightful! These tools have dramatically helped maintain my business and allow more room for growth. What more could I ask for! If you have questions on how to use these tools, don't hesitate to reach out and ask, or leave a comment below!