Suzannah + Jason - Powell Butte

Powell Butte is one of my favorite locations to bring my couples to. With the open skies, the grassy land, and the incredible view of Mt. Hood, it's a gold mine for photographers and adventurers alike. The nature park is large enough to not feel like you're running into hikers every ten minutes, while the parking lot is still maxed out. 

After being introduced to Suzannah and Jason earlier this Winter, I knew Powell Butte would be the perfect spot for their photo session. Suzannah is a DIY and Lifestyle blogger, and I had been following her Instagram before we connected for photos. Her and her husband are hikers and adventurers that appreciate a good sunny afternoon together. We held their session early in February to celebrate Valentine's Day, and we lucked out with the most beautiful day of the month. Although the sun is shining, the air was cold! I asked Suzannah to help me out with today's blog, since she's a blogger herself after all, and talk about her relationship with her husband. We chat about how they met, their first date, and what they like to do now a few years after marriage. I'm lucky to have connected with this sweet girl!

'Jason and I both grew up in Oregon and love coast trips, day hikes, berry picking, and Powell's Books. We're currently renovating our fixer upper home on the west side and always have too many projects to do! We also both love cooking and strength training, and have a great home gym (once we can set it up in the new garage!). By day I'm a land use planner at an architecture and engineering firm, but I also have a DIY/lifestyle blog,, which I've been doing since 2009 when it started as a sewing blog. Jason is working on getting into physical therapy school and works at a physical therapy clinic.'

'We met when we were 15 at our parents' hippie church youth group. We had a great group of friends there, some people we still are connected with today, and built a friendship first over shared love of Nirvana and The Pixies and chocolate mint chip ice cream.

Our first date was the morning of the day I graduated high school. I went to a tiny high school and by that point had accepted that I was not going to find lifelong friends or a boyfriend in that group (some mean kids) and so I've always thought it was symbolic that we started our relationship at that turning point in my life. Jason came over, we watched a music DVD, and I kissed him.'

'For our date nights now, we keep it pretty simple and like to go out to dinner on Fridays or Saturdays. Sometimes there's a basketball game we want to watch or in the summer a new park to check out after. We go to bed early so we don't usually stay out too late!'

' Jason is definitely more fun-loving than I am--but he has taught me to be much freer, goofier, and more fun. He comes from a family of 5 kids and a mom who created family events and memories, and I'm an only child and have always leaned toward the responsible, focused, and logical side. I find it romantic when he takes my car for an oil change for me or cleans the kitchen, though!'

'He's funny, intelligent, and always wants to learn and grow and become better. I first liked him because I could tell he was smart, he was funny, and he was nicer to me than the boys at my high school. Now I know how passionate, driven, and interested he is and I know I'll never be bored with him! I just asked Jason what he loves about me--he said: she's so sweet and caring and she always want things to be good. While she has an exterior of being driven and opinionated and intellectual, at heart she's a big softie.'

'We got so lucky for our session with a beautiful sunny (but a little chilly) February day and Katie showed us around some parts of Powell Butte that we never would have seen as picturesque and romantic. We've never had film photos taken before and noticed how intentional and focused Katie was. It was fun to watch her work!'

You can follow Suzannah and Jason on Instagram @suzannahstanley and at her blog, Create/Enjoy,