Planning My Own Future Wedding


I'm often asked what I have in mind for my own wedding day. "You see a lot of weddings, and probably know exactly what you want, right?" The truth is, I really don't know! Sure, there are some things I'd love to make sure I include, but I don't really have an actual plan. Where would I get married? Would it be small or big? What time of the year would it be? Who would I hire to be MY photographer? These are unanswered questions, and honestly, I'm not rushing to figure them out! When people ask Jem and me what we imagine the day is going to be like, we just laugh. "We'll see when we get there". 

Possibly the best part of being a wedding photographer, is being able to enjoy some of the highest moments of a person's life. What more could we ask for? Having shot enough weddings, we have expectations for ourselves. We know the things that could go wrong, and the big party winners. We have an expectation of the cost of the things we would want most: good photography, outdoor venue, gorgeous bouquet. I am grateful for my knowledge of the wedding industry, but in the same breath, I want my clients to have the same expectations I would as a bride myself, experience or not! 

Sure, we won't be getting married in the next year, probably not even the next two years, but we have all this time to enjoy our job together, and enjoy getting to be with our clients during their best ever celebration! When the time comes, maybe things will be different. And if it is, at least I have this blog post to refer back to and have a laugh at. 

Happy Saturday, my loves!