Pantone Outfit Guide for Fall & Winter


So what do you think my number one asked question is when it comes to ANY portrait session is? Did you guess 'picking outfits'? Cause that's the answer! Trust me, even I fail at picking my own on camera outfits as well. It's not easy! But every season I try and ease the stress by creating a style guide to help find colors and textures that work well on camera. For my own wardrobe, this has helped a LOT!

But this season, I have a special treat. Instead of sharing a guide based on the calendar, I have a guide based on the best fashion resource we have: Pantone!

Check out the virtual guide below, or download it to your computer or phone to use as a reference next time you find yourself in J Crew or Anthropologie! Looking for a new Holiday Party outfit or just some items to add to your Christmas list? This visual guide will be the perfect place to start. 

Cool Pantone Outfits Spread.png