Pantone 2019 Color Combinations

Let’s talk about PANTONE! Last week I mentioned a couple of ways you can add this years Spring/Summer palettes to your wedding bouquet. Today I wanted to continue that conversation to inspire any element of your wedding day! If you’ve had a chance to review this year’s colors, you might find them a little challenging to use or wonder what are the best pairings to really make the most out of the colors. Recently I’ve found myself encouraging my clients to be inspired by color combinations more than outfit ideas to inspire their looks for their photoshoot. It’s because of both of those thoughts, I decided to create this post!

Whether you’re looking to revamp your closest, need some ideas for your photoshoot outfits, or are looking for ways to tie this year’s colors into your wedding, I hope you’ll find these combos inspiring! I tried to make use of color as often as possible, but some tones really required muted colors to balance their vibrancy. When in doubt, you can use any of the Pantone colors with white, grey, or black! Or simply use them on their own!

Fiesta + Blush

Use Blush to balance out this punchy red! Fiesta is great as an accent color for shoes, jewelry, or a detail on your dress or blouse. Fiesta is also a great color to use in your bouquet of whites and pinks.


Jester Red + Beige

Jester Red is sort of a brighter wine hue. This color would look lovely on a dress paired with a beige sweater. You can use this in your wedding palette for a September wedding right before all the leaves change colors! It’s a perfect selection for the transition to fall.

Jester Red.jpg

Turmeric + Navy

Turmeric is a hard color to pair and isn’t for the faint of heart. This bright orange is for the committed and the lovers of rich colors. Tone the brightness down by wearing it as an accent color to a navy. If you use Turmeric in your wedding, I suggest adding these orange tones to a bouquet of blues and yellows.


Living Coral + Berry

And here’s the color of the year! I love the combination of Living Coral with a berry tint. These together create a beautiful evening summer vibe. I would love to see a bouquet of this dark red with a bright pink! If you were to wear this as an outfit, find a blouse or dress that uses these colors in a pattern. Alternatively you could pair a plain a skirt and blouse of each color for a fun color blocking look!

Living Coral.jpg

Pink Peacock + Muted Pink

I adore this color! It reminds me of a grown up barbie! Pair it with a muted pink (almost like Strawberry Ice Cream) to balance the brightness. This is a color I would love to see as the main focus of an outfit or wedding day! If you want to use it more as a pop of color, a pair of heels or a purse would look beautiful with a light pink dress or even a pair of jeans and a flowy blouse. There are dozens of gorgeous flowers you could be inspired to use based off this color as well. And hey, let’s not forget bridesmaid dresses!

Pink Peacock.jpg

Pepper Stem + Deep Royal

This green color is not a common one, but it’s just tame enough to wear. I’ll be honest, I can see this color working more in a kitchen or a table setting than in fashion. This color would look beautiful on a table as a garland with a few dashes of white blooms. The deep royal would be a pretty accent color as your water glasses or place settings. If you use this to inspire your outfit, consider using the pepper stem as a sweater on top of a white blouse and dark blue jeans!

Pepper Stem.jpg

Aspen Gold + Tan

Aspen Gold perfectly encapsulates a summer day! I would LOVE to see this color in a bright bouquet. It’s the perfect pop! For fashion, consider using it as your nail polish color or for your shoes! If you wear it as a blouse, try pairing it with a neutral tan sweater, or vise versa! The right blouse would also look great with a pair of comfortable cigarette pants!

Aspen Gold.jpg

Princess Blue + Lilac

This color is my favorite!!! It’s such a soft, almost suede tint. I would love to see a blue dress with lilac flats or a tiny pair of lilac earrings for just the slightest hint of color. This is one of the colors I would love to see on its own. This is also the perfect summer blue, alternative to the popular Navy color. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen would ROCK this color for sure.

Princess Blue.jpg

Toffee + Beige

Toffee is the perfect color for a more monotone palette. You can wear this in the form of a blouse and cigarette pants, or a dress with an oversized sweater. Although this is technically a spring palette, I think it’s best to save these colors for the fall. In a weddings, you can add these to your golds and whites to give a simple and modern aesthetic.


Mango Mojito + Blush

Basically the rule for these colors: when in doubt, use pink! I actually adore these two colors together and can see this making a stunning summer bouquet! In fashion, this color would look gorgeous as a flowy dress, paired with a pair of blush heels or flats.

Mango Mojito.jpg

Terrarium Moss + Emerald

I was actually surprised by how much I loved this color. It’s very pacific northwest! I want to see Emerald used more in 2019, and I think this is the perfect opportunity! Emerald would look stunning as a bridesmaid dress paired with a toned down and earthy bouquet. Add in some sage, white, and even a hint of gold for a mystical forest look. I really hope this combo is used somewhere; it’s gorgeous!

Terrarium Moss.jpg

Sweet Lilac + Lavender

And lastly, Lilac and Lavender. If you can’t think of any way to use these colors, I’m going to shake you! These would look absolutely dreamy in a bouquet of whites, yellows, and other pinks, or even a pop of a color like Fiesta! For an outfit, there are many ways you can go, but a dress seems the easiest. These colors give me all sorts of throwbacks to my childhood. They’re so fun and bright!

Sweet Lilac.jpg