My New Albums Are In!


My sample albums just got a huge update and I'm too excited NOT to share them! I outsource my album design to my amazing friend Elizabeth who is far more talented than I in creating these heirloom items. I have been working with her for about a year and am always impressed with her speed and talent. 

I messaged her a few weeks ago asking for an update of my Heirloom album, as well as a new Fine Art album to share with inquiring clients. She guided me through the process, asking for some images, which album cover I wanted, and showed me a few examples of the text on the front cover to help me decide what to write. I ended up choosing the every popular Sand Linen for the cover, and went with a pressed gold foil for the type on the front. The results were amazing! 

Elizabeth also has a great process where she shares her designs on a platform where you can approve, disapprove, and comment on a spread so she can get your exact vision to become a reality. She's fast, efficient, and very communicative! Not only is she speedy, but the album arrived to my doorstep within a few days. 

I can't wait to show these beautiful pieces with my clients and inquiries couples, who will be as inspired as I am by Elizabeth's talented creation.