My Latest Client Gifts: Polaroids

Winter for photographers (specifically in the Pacific Northwest), is an opportunity to reflect on past seasons and spend a lot of office time reviewing ways to make our services better. After my Hawaii Vacation, and really slow start to 2017, I did just that. I bought notebooks, reviewed finances, and spoke with clients and entrepreneurs alike to see how I could elevate my client's experience beyond that of just photography.

If you've been following along for a few years, you will remember the attempt at making my own client gift boxes. You know, the rustic kind with brown paper crinkles that you see all over Pinterest. I found myself frustrated that I couldn't create those high end boxes like those super experienced bloggers could. Sure, I'm always going to be my worst critic, but I only ended up making four that year. Bummer.

Last year, I decided to outsource these boxes to BoxFox. While it was a great and efficient service (one that I still use and recommend), I found it hard to customize to every client. And the cost began to rack. up. In addition to the other expenses I had for my clients, I realized that although it was a cute and thoughtful gift, it was too automated, and I wasn't willing to spend $100 on an automated service for my clients who deserved more. 

So this year is a new year. Filled with new ideas, trial and error and success alike. In addition to other treats and gifts I've saved for my 2017 clients, I decided to mend my love for film, and my love for my clients, into a gift that is personal, memorable, and instant. Yes, I'm talking polaroids! I'ma huge fan of polaroids and have had my polaroid camera almost as long as I've had my 35mm Olympus. When a friend of my suggested adding Polaroids to my gift ideas, I got so excited, I immediately ran to ProPhoto to buy a few boxes. Paired with the most incredible macarons by Delectable Baked Goods, this day of gift is a heart filled goodbye at the end of a long wedding day. I'm excited to add these to my collection of gifts, and see how my clients react to them as the season goes by. What is a better day of present than instant sneak peeks and something sweet to snack on while you flip through them?