My Key Fall Essentials


I’ve been back in the states for just over two days now. And more importantly, I’ve had just over two days to fully immerse myself in anything and everything fall. Take it from me, the warm spring sunshine, blooming flowers, and evening breeze were nice in Australia, but nothing beats the coziness of fall. 

I feel like having missed out on two plus weeks of my favorite season, I have a little perspective on what are the staples and essentials of living your autumn to the fullest. This little list is basically everything that I’ve done since my return to hang onto fall before winter changes over. Maybe you can relate to this list! If not, maybe otherwise feel inspired. So let’s start with the first and most important. 

Fall Beverages. 

If I had to narrow down my top two fall beverages, although it would be hard, I would always pick a hot black coffee, and a hot chocolate. Now, you may think this is basic and unadventurous, but I can’t disagree more! I’ll admit that a black coffee isn’t everyone’s preference, but when you find a really good one with lots of flavor and notes of chocolate or nuts, you wouldn’t look elsewhere for caffeine. My favorites in Portland are at Sisters Coffee, Ristretto Roasters, and Good Coffee, all in the NW Pearl. And Hot Chocolates are so creative these days! You can get a simple basic hot chocolate anywhere, but there are a lot of shops now that are offering specialty options. A Mexican Hot Chocolate for example. One of my favorites! Ovation near Fields Park has an incredible variety of whipped creams alone. If you’re looking for a warm cozy drink, maybe start with the basics and let yourself be surprised. 


With Alcohol.

Okay, because when the cool air rolls around, you can’t ignore a good drink in the evening to pair with your tv binge. My favorite warming fall drinks are absolutely a warm whiskey drink such as a Hot Toddy or Apple Cider Toddy, and a robust red wine. I’ll be honest, I don’t love hard alcohol and I take my sipping really slow. But that’s why Whiskey is my go to order at the bar. Each sip is warm, and all you really need is one! Red wine is a given once the air cools down. But it’s a staple drink for a reason!


A Must Have Accessory.

Every time I pull out my white and grey fluffy scarf from my closet, I get comments about how big it is. And when they do, I proudly pull it off my neck to show them the actual size of the fabric. It’s practically a little blanket! When is it socially acceptable to wear a blanket out of the house? Hardly ever. But when it’s trimmed just right and styled as a scarf, they say go for it! If I had to get rid of every fall accessory I’m my closet except my blanket scarf, I would. It’s cute and multifunctional, and can be taken anywhere. I will not board a plane without it! If you’re out shopping this weekend, find yourself a blanket scarf. 


The Read.

Okay, maybe this isn’t season specific, but nonetheless I need to talk about this book. I did not expect to like this book as much as I did. Honestly, everything about this book looked like it wouldn’t be the read for me. It looked like a self help book I’ve read before or a compilation of blog posts. But you know what they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover! As soon as I finished Girl, Wash Your Face I wanted to start it over from the beginning. Rachel’s insight to the human mind, our fears, and the beliefs women have about the world had my full attention the entire read. She is honest, even when it’s hard, and gives you the steps to changing your life for the better. So this fall, I’ll be reading it over again. And following her podcast for more of her brilliant mind. I guess that’s basically to say Rachel Hollis is on my list of fall essentials. 


The Smells.

Can’t talk about fall without talking about the cozy smells associated! I try and be as mindful as I can with my purchases from an eco-friendly and sustainable standpoint. It’s because of this that I try and beat every temptation to purchase a scented candle. I love scented candles, but have recognized that the artificial dyes and scents can be damaging for the quality of my air and environment. But I NEED the smell of pine and cinnamon in my house all day long! I’ve been using Doterra for about a year and a half and love the scents and qualities of their oils. But recently I stumbled upon a brand called Eden’s Garden. After tons of research I found that their quality paralleled Doterra’s and purchased their Coffee Essential Oil (for obvious reasons). I soon found my cart on their site full, like way too full, excited to scent up my home with natural oils that wouldn’t harm the air or my home. My current Doterra blend contains cinnamon, copaiba, bergamont, and siberian fir. Maybe a few drops of on guard to prevent the cold. Once my Eden’s Garden order arrives, you can expect me to experiment with the Vanilla and Cocoa scents right away!


What are your fall staples? Do we share favorites? I hope you are enjoying this season as much as I am!