My Exclusive Client Magazine


This season, I've been diving head first into fine art magazines and blogs to gather inspiration for how I want to tell my future client's stories. One day when flipping through the pages of some gorgeous publications, I thought to myself 'what if I gave these magazines to my clients so they feel just as inspired as I do". The idea didn't click at first. I knew there was something missing to this idea. Why would I send my clients a magazine they could go and pick up at the store anyways. What if they already had this issue? I decided that if I were to send my clients a fine art magazine, it would need to be exclusive. No one else would be able to get it but them.

And so the concept of my own publication was created. For a few months, my team and I worked hard at creating something that was visual and informative. Reading a magazine with pretty pictures is way easier than reading an email. Even if the text was the same! It took us about two months from start to finish, but the end result was well worth the time.

These magazines will be gifted to every client who books me for my 2018 season as a resource of information and inspiration for their upcoming wedding. I'd love to hear what you think!