Your Morning Of Wedding Checklist

When all is done, and your wedding day is here. You must be thinking "what's next?". Girl, marriage! Your dress is on display, your hair is up in curls, and somebody finally brought the champagne. The day you've been anticipating is finally here, and what can you do more than just smile? 

As you approach the big day, I want you to consider ways to make your morning more relaxing and fun, rather than you thinking about every little detail that must go right. Remember, if you're hired the right team, the worrying and hustling will be done for you! So, here are some things to consider adding to your restful morning of wedding checklist:

1 - Bring Good Music

Good music is essential for a good mood. Create a spotify playlist with your girls a week before the wedding so you're not wasting time by skipping songs.

2 - Get Fed

Because you will forget if I don't remind you, I'll telling you now to remember snacks! Standing on the alter with an empty tummy will not feel comfortable. Have your wedding party coordinate veggie and fruit trays to bring to your getting ready location.

3 - Coordinate Party Photos

If you and your girls are planning on wearing matching robes or will be doing your hair and makeup at the same time, think about cute shots you want to remember the getting ready experience. Talk with your photographer to see what he or she has in mind! 

4 - Plan the Gifts

If you bought your bridesmaids cute bracelets or mini bottles of champagne, use that as a photo opportunity to capture the silly and heartfelt moments between all of you in the same room. There is no bad opportunity for a bonding experience during your wedding!

5 - Don't Forget Extra Shoes

Remember those cute flats, girl! Need I say anymore?

6 - Charge Your Phones

In between selfies and behind the scenes moments, make sure to hook those phones up to an outlet. You will be so thankful for a full battery once uncle joe starts breaking out his best dance moves!

7 - Write a Love Letter

What better opportunity to write your babe a love letter than on your wedding day? If you're skipping custom vows, this is a cute opportunity to document how you feel on the wedding day, without needing to share it with the world. 

8 - Get Pampered, Because Why Not

If you know you won't be able to sleep, plan on waking up early to put on a relaxing moisturizing mask, and maybe schedule in a quick massage to relieve those jitters. 

9 - Thank Your Parents

Whether or not they had anything to do with the planning or the budget, thank them for being here on your wedding day. Take five minutes away from everyone to just give them a hug. 

10 - Make Kits

Sometimes referred to as the "wedding survival kit", these day of mini packages will contain everything you might need for a wedding mishap. From bobby pins and boob tape, to breath mints and tampons. Bring anything and everything you need for emergencies! Generally, it's the maid of honor's big duty to put these together, but you can find ready made ones online. 

Well...ready to get married?