Modern Stylish Portland City Wedding

When your couples tell you that they hired a live band to sing Toto and Kesha, you are 10000% prepared for the greatest wedding ever. Boy was I right.


Rémy and Emily are textbook soul mates. Actually, the dictionary defines a soul mate as: a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner. Yes. Exactly that.


They met at a young age, as a few of our favorite love stories start, at a school fencing group. Their moms recalled during their toasts that the kindness they shared for the team and each other was a telling sign of a beautiful bond.


Emily’s mom told a story about friendship. Saying that each person has a “Get You Killed” friend and a “Save You” friend. There was a very specific moment for her when she watched Rémy become Emily’s “Save You” friend after he rescued items for her in the pouring rain.


The hearts on these two are what every person hopes to have one day. Full of gratitude, warmth, and a mission to make the world a better place when you leave it. You don’t have to spend more than two minutes with them to feel it. They make you want to be your best self, just by association. Their love is powerful.


Their wedding was held at The Exchange Ballroom on inner SE Portland. The ballroom itself was a gorgeous, modern, and minimal space. But the best part was the rooftop access where they held their cocktail hour.


Every good ceremony has flavor and personality. This was especially true with this wedding. Not only did they have a very close family friend officiate, but laughter, jokes, and even dancing was encouraged. And probably more than a few goofy faces. The stories were equally hilarious as they were sweet. Yes, there were tears. From a lot of us. From a viewers perspective, you could tell how much not only Emily and Rémy meant to their guests individually, but also as a pair. They are the kind of couple you root on until the end of time.


As the sun set that evening, we stood for a moment to enjoy the skyline and take it in. It was very important for them to spend less time taking photos, and more time being with their guests. But those ten minutes alone to take it all in was more than what the realized they would need. Cue the waterworks! With hugs, kisses, squeezes, and “I love yous”, the sun set gorgeously behind the hills. And down the elevator we went, for a night full of Toto.