Meet Your Photographer

Hey gorgeous, I'm Katie! Nice to see ya here.


I am a film-obsessed, adventure-seeking, fun-loving, bad-joke-making wedding photographer serving Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, California. You can read up on all my photography and work related facts on my about page, so I won’t bother with talking about that (even though it’s crucial to who I am). I want to share with you a few things about me that you might not know. These are completely unrelated to my work, but are absolutely related to my story and what contributes to my personality. Let’s see if we share any of these in common:

  1. When I was 18, I went to New York City with a few of my friends to celebrate New Years. Nearing the end of our trip, we went to see a broadway show, then grab a traditional family owned New York Italian dinner. When we were waiting for our table at the restaurant, we were seated in the waiting area by a very talented pianist. He noticed my excitement and invited me to play a song with him. I didn't have much experience, but it had always been a dream of mine to be that "new york artist", so it remains to be one of the biggest highlights of my life.

    1. Bonus fact: Earlier that year I had been in NYC for my birthday and after seeing a totally different broadway show, I met Andrew Rannells (Book of Mormon, HBO Girls) after leaving the theatre. So basically, Broadway is the gateway to magical coincidences.

  2. Before I moved to Portland, I lived in Alaska and worked a very unglamorous seasonal job as a deckhand in the Kenai Fjords National Park performing daily nature & whale watching tours. I moved there from Georgia to chase adventure, and the idea of not knowing what was going to happen next. I stayed for five months, and returned the following summer. It was there that I decided I wanted to be a photographer

  3. I am a pescatarian. I try to not make this a huge “fact about me” point as it’s mostly a part of who I am versus a dietary decision. I was a vegetarian for over four years before deciding to add fish back into my diet, although I don’t have it that often. I never struggled with getting rid of meat from my diet and often forget that it’s a different lifestyle choice. It’s been over eight years, and when asked if I’ll ever eat meat again, I’m not entirely sure how to answer. I guess “maybe”, but not in the near future.

  4. I was a barista for three years. Which explains why I love coffee so much! I learned a lot about coffee, the coffee process, making latte art, and the importance of caring for your equipment. Maybe I care a little too much about coffee, but it’s one of my favorite personal skills to have. Actually, I became so obsessed that Jem started adopting my taste for a good brew. So basically don’t talk to me about coffee unless you’re ready to love it.

  5. I met Jeff Goldblum. Yes, THE Jeff Goldblum. It’s actually a funny story. Like I mentioned a dozen times, I put on a show in December with my friend Carly. One of the running jokes of the show and our friendship was that we wanted to invite Jeff Goldblum to come see it. People asked us all the time “did you actually invite him”. Well, we tried. We were able to contact his manager and PR through our connections, but it didn’t seem to make it to him. While in a rehearsal, Carly and I took a quick break and I (of course) opened up my Instagram. The first photo was of Jeff Goldblum in Germany. It seemed Jeff wasn’t going to make it to our show after all. BUT on a whim, I decided to see what his Jazz tour dates were. Go figure. He was playing at a bar near us and there were TWO tickets left. We snagged them. It seemed like fate! So we show up to his Jazz tour and somehow our seats happen to be in the VERY front row. Like right next to him. It was incredible. His show was incredible. Then came time to actually meet him. He gave the audience a small window to take a photo and greet him. We took our chance and got in line. We were of the very last to actually get to say hello. So what did we do? We invited him to our show. For real. In person. He gratefully accepted our invitation (and put it in his pocket) and said if his schedule would allow it, he would be there. Alas, it did not. But we did walk away with a REALLY amazing story and we got to meet him. It was definitely a win of 2018.

So that’s me! I feel like I’ve already lived a million lives. There are only so many more experiences and stories I get to create from here. It’s great to meet you, again! If you want to continue to connect, join me over on Instagram. I’d love to chat with you there.