Maid of Honor Duties


If you're reading this, you're either curious about the title, or have just been asked to be the Maid of Honor for your best friend. You're likely on google, printing off all the checklists you can find. Your brain is buzzing and you don't know where to start!

I am here to offer some guidance. First thing is first. Breathe! Remember, you are not the planner. The bride has hired a planner so that you may be present on her wedding day. You might have a pile of chores following up to the wedding, but remember, you are human. You can only do so much. My tip? Prioritize! Create a checklist (like this one) of all the important tasks you need to do. Rate them based on importance and take each task on one at a time. In addition to the usual projects, such as sending out emails, and organizing the registry, here are some duties to add to your checklist:

  • Research the Vendors: Unless the bride knows who she is going to hire, or has received a recommendation from another couple, it’s your duty to help a girl out! A simple way to search for vendors is through local wedding hashtags on Instagram! It’s more fun and easier than spending hours on google or outdated vendor resource websites. You are able to see part of the vendor’s portfolio right away, and if you like them enough, check out their website! Remember to make a list of your favorites and send them to the bride. It’s still her job to reach out to the vendors!

  • Coordinate the Bridesmaids: Communication is key! You will have the responsibility of coordinating the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, the rehearsal, and the getting ready timelines. It’s easy for all of these events to go off schedule, but you get to play the boss and make sure it doesn’t! Tell the bridesmaids where to be, when to be there, and what the dress codes are. Make sure you are giving them buffer time in case they run late, so they can still be on time. This is especially important for the day of the wedding! The bridesmaids can easily lose track of time, so it’s your job to keep the order.|

  • Complete the “Boring Tasks”: From licking envelopes and sticking stamps, to creating the seating chart. Not everything about wedding planning is entertaining! Help the bride out with these boring tasks to make it go by faster. You will be better friends because of it! Other boring tasks include: sending emails, and handling the gift registry.

  • Give Her Love: Wedding planning is stressful, no matter how much help is involved. Steer her mind off the negative and encourage girl nights! Day drinking, pedicures, and Netflix are essential! Make sure she knows you have her back, and you’re there to lend an ear. Trust me, when it’s your turn to plan your wedding, you be she’s going to return the favor!

  • Help with the Surprises: Whether it’s the bride surprising the groom, the groom surprising the bride, or someone else surprising them both, you’re the first to know! Secrets are hard to keep, but think of their faces. You will be in charge of making sure the right people know, and the surprise follows through. Some examples include: Surprise Band/Musician, Surprise Decoration, Surprise Reception Announcement, Surprise Guest Appearance, Surprise Dessert, and Surprise Farewell Event. No matter how big or small, it’s always great to be a part of a special something nobody else knew about.

You're off to a great start! You've got this!