Location Highlight: Frog Lake

At the end of January I made a trip back to Portland for a few photoshoots. One of those was for Keith and Jenny’s engagement shoot! Somewhere in the list of potential locations was the suggestion to shoot in the snow. It’s been a while since I had a full session in the snow, but I was SO excited when we put it on the schedule. I’ll be honest, I don’t travel to Mt. Hood enough, so I had no clue where to suggest our session would take place other than Timberline or Trillium Lake. Since we had already shot at Trillium Lake for their proposal, and since Keith and Jenny knew the locations WAY better than I did, I let them take the reins on this one. And so we ended up at Frog Lake!

I can only imagine it’s just as gorgeous in the spring time with the wildflowers and beautiful reflection of Mt. Hood in the water, but even with a heavy blanket of snow (and no reflection), I was stunned. These are some of my favorite location shots I was able to capture. Next time it snows, I expect another shoot here from one of you. Seriously, it was magical!