What's The Difference Between Lifestyle & Documentary?


Lifestyle: The Way In Which a Person or Group Lives. This definition is the foundation of my approach to photography. There are a few broad categories most photographers fit into, and I comfortably fit into the Lifestyle category. By definition, I am capturing the way in which a person or group lives.

When someone thinks about lifestyle photography, they usually ask what the difference is between documentary or journalistic style. In my experience, the biggest difference is the amount of interaction and curation I have when creating the image. Documentary style leaves little if no room for adjusting an image before capturing it. Documentary, otherwise known as Journalistic, Photography relies heavily on real moments without the interference of a photographer or designer. Although Lifestyle Photographers similarly capture moments as they happen, they will still arrange and rearrange a photo to create a clean and purposeful image.

So what does this mean for your photographs? We will move you to where the light shines the best, we will fix your hair so it looks just right, and we will make sure that what we are capturing is as honest as it is beautiful. If we believe the image will be better by adjusting an angle, adding a bouquet, or asking your mom to step more to the left, our style of photography gives us the freedom to do so.  We believe in photographing your memories in the best way possible and have no problem adjusting an image as needed. When it comes to posing, we always make sure to keep the lifestyle mission in mind by avoiding recreating overly done portraits. We will give you cues, ask you to talk to each other, and react to moments as they are happening. Not only is this method of photography fun, but it also creates memorable moments along the way.